Disaster Resilient Communities in Nepal by 2050

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Program for Enhancement of Emergency Response (PEER)

This program has been working since 1999 to strengthen and institutionalize emergency and disaster response capacities in Bangladesh, Indonesia, India, Nepal, Pakistan and the Philippines. The program develops and provides training to instructors and responders in community response, search and rescue, swift water rescue, first aid and hospital preparedness.

The Program for Enhancement of Emergency Response (PEER) is a regional program initiated in Asia in 1998 by the USAID/OFDA.  Since the program’s introduction in Asia in 1998, three stages of PEER have already been successfully implemented. NSET is now implementing the fourth stage of PEER in South Asian countries Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Pakistan.  PEER Stage 4 is addressing the need to further strengthen emergency response capacities of people and governments of these countries, with possibility of the program to expand also in Afghanistan, Bhutan, Maldives and Sri Lanka.

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