Disaster Resilient Communities in Nepal by 2050



NSET is one of the pioneer institution working towards earthquake risk reduction in the country. It is committed to manage and minimize the risk of possible earthquakes; to raise awareness amongst the people on earthquake disaster preparedness and risk reduction and further to contribute to the development of science and technology related to earthquake disaster mitigation and implementation of earthquake resistant measures in construction as well as the social aspects of earthquake disaster management.

Internship / Volunteer Program at NSET provide a wide range of opportunities for the participants to gain insight into the work of NSET. Every year a limited number of places for Internships / Volunteer are available.

To take part in the program, we look for the following minimum eligibility criteria

» Applicants should have completed / enrolled in a undergraduate/ degree program both at the time of application and during the internship
» Every Intern/Volunteer has to be a part of the program
» College / University / Institutions recommendation is required
» Time period should not be less than 3 months
» Institutional Volunteers are encouraged, but need reference of their institutions
» Should be fluent in English ( Speaking as well as Writing)
» Reports should be submitted at the end

We encourage tailor made program for the interested Interns


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