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Strategic Planning and Cross Cutting (SPCC) Division

The Strategic Planning and Cross Cutting (SPCC) Division has the role of planning and facilitating the organization’s strategy formulation or review, development and implementation of cross cutting policies. The objectives of SPCC are to support NSET Executives and Management Committee for evidence-based management and serve as an important input to decision making within wide range of strategic and management processes, perform external and internal analysis, organize internal strategic meetings, and provide the executive team with strategic options, ensure that any changes made during the periodic strategy review meetings get reflected into the organization’s strategy, plans and key performance indicators and others.

Within this division, there are 4 different units working collectively to support the strategic management process: Collaboration and Business Development (CBD), Monitoring Evaluation and Learning (MEL), Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI), Information Technology and Management (ITM).

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