Disaster Resilient Communities in Nepal by 2050


Non-Structural Safety

Safeguard Your Home By Regular Maintence

»  Store large, heavy or fragile objects on lower shelves or in low, closed cabinets
»  Remove flower pots from balconies and parapets
»  Hang pictures and mirrors away from beds
»  Repair damaged electrical wiring and leaky gas connections
»  Bolt tall furniture and appliances such as bookshelves, refrigerators to walls
»  Limit the sliding and rocking movement of furniture and electrical appliances by using Velcro, straps, non-slip mats etc.
»  Use positive-latches such as childproof latches in cabinets
»  Support overhead light fixtures and fans with extra cables Store pesticides, kerosene and flammable items away from heat sources

» Non-structural Safety

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