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Udaypur Earthquake
• 721 deaths
• 22 districts of eastern Nepal affected
• Total direct loss of 5 billion rupees
• Earthquake considered a major concern for the first time in the country


Start of the National Building Code Development Project (BCDP)
• Future founders of NSET involved

Nepal observed the International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction (IDNDR) Day for the first time

First World Seismic Safety Initiative (WSSI) Workshop in Bangkok
• Future founders of NSET participated

NSET established

First National Conference on Disaster Management

High Level Meeting organized by NSET and WSSI in Kathmandu

Kathmandu Municipal Mayor participated in Istanbul Workshop on Issues in Urban Risk

NSET registered as a non-governmental organization with His Majesty's Government of Nepal

NSET became a member of the IDNDR national committee

The National Action Plan for Disaster Management prepared

National Building Code drafted

BCDP released
• consolidated earthquake catalogue
• earthquake hazard maps

NSET and GeoHazards International conceptualized the Kathmandu Valley Earthquake Risk Management Project (KVERMP)

First earthquake safety pamphlet published

First training course for journalists on Disaster Journalism

NSET inducted into the International Association of Earthquake Engineering as national member during the 11th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering (WCEE)

First training course for school teachers on Earthquake Preparedness

KVERMP launched as national project under the Asian Urban Disaster Mitigation Program of Asian Disaster Preparedness Center

NSET moved into its present office premises

His Majesty’s Government of Nepal declared 16 January as national Earthquake Safety Day (ESD)

Kathmandu Valley Earthquake Scenario published

NSET and US Army engineers conducted preliminary assessment of structural and functional vulnerability of Bir Hospital, Teku Hospital and Lincoln School

Seismic vulnerability assessment of 1100 buildings of 643 public schools in Kathmandu Valley completed

Building Council Act adopted by the Parliament

Workshop on Health and Medical Implications of Earthquake Disaster was organized for the first time

Kathmandu Valley Earthquake Risk Management Action Plan finalized

Set up of the Disaster Management Section in Kathmandu Metropolitan Office

NSET launched the School Earthquake Safety Program (SESP)
• Bhuwaneshwori Lower Secondary School – the first school to be retrofitted
• Proved the technical, social, and economic feasibility of retrofitting public buildings

First ESD
• Prime Minister released the Kathmandu Valley Earthquake Scenario and Risk Management Action Plan
• First earthquake safety exhibition

Completed the first Environmental Mapping Project in Madhyapur Thimi Municipality

NSET, Ministry of Health, and World Health Organization (WHO) conducted the training course on Mass Casualty Management

NSET participated in 2nd WSSI Bangkok Workshop, and the closing meetings of IDNDR in Bangkok, Mexico, and Paris

Start of the Kathmandu Valley Earthquake Risk Management Action Plan Implementation Project

First WSSI Fellowship awarded to NSET’s General Secretary

2nd ESD
• Regional Symposium on Experience in Earthquake Risk Management

• Vaisnabi Secondary School
• Upayogi Primary School
• Gadgade Primary School

Completed the Kirtipur Environmental Mapping Project

Set up of a ward-level disaster management committee

NSET participated in 12th WCEE in New Zealand

3rd ESD
• Late His Majesty King Birendra granted audience to NSET and foreign delegates

NSET received the United Nations Sasakawa Award for Disaster Reduction - Certificate of Merit

Participated in the WSSI/Earthquake and Megacities Initiatives Inter-disciplinary team to Gujarat following the Gujarat Earthquake

Launched a half-hour weekly earthquake safety program on a community radio station

The Nepal-Gujarat Mason Exchange and Training Program implemented with Sustainable Environment and Ecological Development Society and NGOS Kobe

Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Response Plan for the Health Sector drafted

Organized the National Training on Urban Disaster Mitigation

Collaboration with Room to Read on earthquake-resistant construction of two schools in Dhading District

NSET and UN Center for Regional Development initiated the Kobe-Kathmandu Students Collaboration on School Earthquake Safety

NSET became a member of the Disaster Health Working Group, Ministry of Health

Published a manual for designers and builders on Protection of Educational Buildings Against Earthquakes

Commenced a weekly structural safety program for house owners and builders

Ministry of Home Affairs completed, in cooperation with the Japanese International Cooperation Agency, the study on Earthquake Disaster Mitigation in the Kathmandu Valley, Kingdom of Nepal

4th ESD
• First ever mass casualty drill involving the emergency rescue responders and hospitals

Seismic vulnerability assessment of 14 hospitals undertaken with Ministry of Health and WHO
Organized the Asian Seismological Commission 2002
• 4th General Assembly of the Asian Seismological Commission
• Symposium on Seismology, Earthquake Hazard Assessment and Risk Management
• Pre-Symposium Training Course on Earthquake Vulnerability Reduction for Cities

NSET participated in Regional Workshop on Networking and Collaboration among NGOs of Asian countries in Disaster Reduction and Response

KVERMP completed, the Municipality Earthquake Risk Management Project conceptualized as the replication and consolidation of KVERMP

5th ESD
Exhibitions held in Bhaktapur

Second phase of Program for Enhancement of Emergency Response (PEER) started in March 2003 for5 countries including Nepal

Five more schools retrofitted under SESP program

Pre-Positioned Emergency Rescue Stores (PPERS) established in eight communities in Kathmandu Valley. Local volunteers traine

Non-structural Vulnerability Assessment of nine hospitals conducted, methodology published

Half-hour weekly earthquake safety program launched with Annapurna FM Radio of Pokhara

MERMP implemented in four more municipalities as replication of KVERMP under the AUDMP program

Laitpur DDC awards land to NSET for building a community learning centre

DesInventar system introduced in Nepal with assistance of UNDP/BCPR. Inventory of natural disasters of the country for the last 33 years (1971-2003) prepared and analyzed

RADIUS established in Kathmandu Metropolitan City as a planning tool in cooperation with UNESCO

NSET experience shared widely in SAARC and other Asian Countries

Lalitpur Sub Metropolitan City became the first municipality of Nepal to announce mandatory implementation of Nepal National Building Code via building permit process

6th ESD
Exhibitions held in Kathmandu

NSET awarded Tech Museum Award Microsoft Education Award category for the innovative Shake Table Technology

Seven papers on earthquake risk management in Nepal presented by 5 NSET professionals to the 13 WCEE in Vancouver, Canada

Kathmandu Valley Earthquake Preparedness Initiative (KVEPI) started jointly by American Red Cross, Nepal Red Cross Society and NSET as a preparedness and capacity building program in 10 locations of Kathmandu Valley under OFDA support

National Disaster database of the period 1971 – 2003 was prepared by NSET with the support from UNDP Nepal and BCPR India using “DesInventar” methodology

For effective ERM efforts in Nepal, NSET signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with
• Department of Urban Development and Building Construction (DUDBC)
• Nepal Red Cross Society
• Diploma Engineers’ Association, Nepal (DEAN)
• Nepal Forum of Environmental Journalists (NEFEJ)
• Tribhuvan University, Teaching Hospital
• Kathmandu University

Training courses developed for masons, technicians, engineers, policy/decision makers and schoolteachers. Training programs started.

“Guideline for Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of Hospitals” published jointly by NSET, WHO and Ministry of Health

Under SESP Program, NSET provided technical support to SNV/Nepal for construction of new earthquake resistant building of Golma Devi Primary School, , Sindhupalchowk

7th ESD
Exhibitions held in Patan Durbar Square

NSET participated in 14th UN- World Conference on Disaster Reduction (WCDR) in Kobe, Japan

Curriculum for Mason Training (Instructor Manual) published with financial support from ADPC, Bangkok

Nepal Earthquake Risk Management Program (NERMP) started with the support from OFDA/USAID as a continuation of previous projects

Capacity Building for Reconstruction of Earthquake-Affected Areas of Pakistan (Bagh and Muzaffarabad) project implemented in Pakistan with support from United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Pakistan ing November 2005

Second Core Member Meeting (CMM II) on “International Framework for Development of Disaster Reduction Technology List on Implementation Strategies - Disaster Reduction Hyperbase" for Asia-Pacific Region organized in Nepal

Completed Training Programs on “Earthquake Risk Management and Earthquake Resistant Construction (Nov 2004- May 2005)” with support from LWF

Mason Training Program conducted in association with Banepa Municipality

For effective ERM efforts in Nepal, NSET signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with
• Nepal Engineering College (to develop curricula for M.Sc level disaster management course and to build collaborative approaches for earthquake and other disaster management activities)
• Bangladesh Disaster Preparedness Centre (BDPC)
• Nepal Police, MOHA / Government of Nepal – to implement the PEER program

Orientation lectures, drill exercises as part of earthquake awareness activities of NSET conducted to many I/NGOs.

Conduction of seismic vulnerability assessment of various buildings of INGOs, diplomatic missions, public schools, health institutions

NSET agreed to provide local knowledge and expertise to Pacific Disaster Center (PDC) as well as to liase and support activities among PDC, EMI and KMC for Cross-Cutting Capacity Development (3CD) Program

8th ESD
Exhibitions held in Bhaktapur

Community Based Disaster Management Program (CBDMP) implemented is six districts with assistance from UNDP/Nepal

Second phase of DesInventar started with assistance of UNDP for the institutionalization of the DesInventar system

With the aim of conducting action research interventions in the field of disaster mitigation in Nepal, NSET signed MOU with DPRI/Kyoto University, Japan for the establishment of Case Station and Field Campus (CASIFICA).

NSET signed MOU with Shree Adarsha Saul Higher Secondary School for SESP program.

NSET providing technical assistance to ERAA/Pakistan for the implementation of project on “Training Support for Earthquake Resistant Reconstruction (TSERR)” through UNHABITAT under the auspices from OFDA/USAID.

NSET provided technical assistance to JICA/Pakistan to conduct Shaking Table Demonstration on PP Band Technology in Pakistan.

NSET participated in International Conference on Rethinking Capacity Development for Disaster Risk Reduction: Action 2005-2015 in Geneva.

NSET provided technical assistance to the World Bank/Indonesia in association with BRI/Japan to conduct Shaking Table Demonstration in Banda Aceh/Indonesia.

NSET providing technical assistance to UNICEF/Nepal to implement a project on “Disaster Preparedness and Response Plan for Safe Drinking Water in the Kathmandu Valley, Lalitpur Sub- Metropolitan City (DPRP)" supported by EC through its Humanitarian Aid department.

NSET providing technical assistance to UNDP/Nepal to implement a project on “National Strategy on Disaster Risk Management for Nepal (NSDRM)” supported by EC through its Humanitarian Aid department.

Pakistan has been added as sixth participating country to PEER from October 2006

NSET providing technical assistance to UN-ISDR to implement "Capacity Building and Knowledge Management: Institutionalization of Earthquake Preparedness in Schools of Earthquake Effected Areas of Pakistan (CBKMP)" from November 2006

NSET providing technical assistance to LWF to implement ‘School Earthquake Preparedness in Jhapa, Rautahat and Kathmandu Valley Program’ under LWF- DIPECHO/CPDR component

International Workshop on “Keeping Schools Safe from Earthquakes” organized in co-ordination with UNCRD/Japan and Ministry of Education/Nepal

Celebrated Earthquake Memorial Day (Bhadra 5) Program in Dharan

Facilitated a three day workshop on Disaster Risk Management Master Plan in coordination with Cross- cutting Capacity Development (3cd) Program jointly organized by KMC, EMI, PDC, and NSET

Facilitated Refreshers Workshop for Trained Masons on "Earthquake Resistant Construction of Buildings" jointly by Lalitpur Sub Metropolitan City, JICA Nepal and Lalitpur Trained Masons Group

Facilitated Third consultation meeting on Disaster Risk Management Master Plan in coordination with 3CD Program

Organized District-level Workshop on: "Preparatory Works for Institutionalization of Disaster Inventory/Information Management System (I-DIMS) in Nepal" in Bharatpur, Chitwan

9th Earthquake Safety Day (ESD) held in Kathmandu, ESD Exhibitions at Kathmandu Durbar Square

Community Based Disaster Management Program was implemented in Lalitpur District with support form Oxfam GB Nepal

NSET signed MOU with Mahendra Shanti Madhyamik Vidyalaya, Balkot to implement School Earthquake Safety Program (SESP).

NSET signed MOU with Mahendra Adarsha Secondary School, Imadol, Lalitpur to implement School Earthquake Safety Program (SESP).

NSET signed MOU with National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention (NIED), Japan on development of Disaster Reduction Hyper base (DRH). Both institutes have decided to cooperate in order to enhance their contribution capability for disaster reduction and to benefit each other by sharing common information on disaster reduction technology and knowledge.

NSET signed MOU with National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), Pakistan on the need to implement PEER program in the best interest of Pakistan and create an environment of mutual cooperation towards its successful implementation.

NSET signed MOU with Department of Urban Development and Building Construction (DUDBC) for conducting Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of DUDBC buildings and train the human resources for the same as well as train the masons on earthquake safe construction.

NSET signed Project Agreement with Norwegian Refugee Council along with Social Welfare Council, Nepal Bar Association for the ‘Information, Counseling and Legal Assistance (ICLA) to Internally Displaced in Nepal and Shelter Program’ component in order to promote housing reconstruction through training, capacity building, cash for work and material inputs.

NSET signed MOU with ActionAid Nepal along with Centre for Policy Research and Consultancy (CPREC), Education Network (EDNet) and Disaster Preparedness Network (DPNet) for their involvement as national partners in Disaster Risk Reduction through School Project.

NSET with support from National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS) of Japan conducted a field survey and analyzed the result to better understand the earthquake risk perception among people and identified factors to affect actions for housing safety as a part of Collaborative Research and Development on Network of Research Institutes in Earthquake Prone Countries, and collected information on disaster education of ordinary people at community, mainly through internet and publications.

NSET managed and conducted Shake Table Demonstration at Dhaka, Bangladesh to raise awareness on earthquake safe construction in association with BDPC and with financial support form UNCRD/Japan.

NSET managed International Conference on Earthquake Risk Management in Pakistan for Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Center (ERRA) of Government of Pakistan in association with UN-ISDR, UN-Habitat, USAID, UNDP and European Commission.

A joint-workshop on “Effective Enforcement and Dissemination of Building Code” was organized by UNCRD/Japan in association with Ministry of Local Development, Department of Urban Development and Building Construction and NSET.

A joint-workshop on “Collaborative Research and Development (R&D) Project for Disaster Mitigation in Earthquake Prone Areas in Asia: Theme 1 (Seismic Risk Assessment) and Theme 3 (Effective Dissemination of Safe Building Technologies)” was organized by Building Research Institute (BRI) and National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS) of Japan in cooperation with National Society for Earthquake Technology-Nepal (NSET) and Nepal Engineering College (NEC).

NSET assisted Dharan Municipality in celebrating the Earthquake Awareness Day 2007 in Dharan in memory of 1988 earthquake.

NSET assisted in conducting Hospital Disaster Preparedness Drill at B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences (BPKIHS) Dharan in coordination with Action Aid, Dharan Municipality and BPKIHS.

NSET provided technical support to Itahari Municipality to conduct mason training program at Itahari.

NSET provided technical assistance to DUDBC, Kavre Division and Sakha Steel Industries to conduct mason training program, at Dhulikhel, Kavre

NSET in association with DUDBC, conducted training on Building Damage Assessment to the engineers of DUDBC

NSET participated in International Conference on School Safety in India organized by SEEDS/India

NSET participated in WHO consultation workshop on coordinated work for disaster risk reduction and the preparedness of health facilities in urban settings organized by WHO-Kobe Centre

NSET attended the Global Platform on Disaster Risk Reduction held in Geneva

NSET participated in Asian Conference on DRR held in Astana, Tajikistan.

NSET attended the Second Asian Ministerial Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction held in New Delhi, India

NSET attended the Seminar on the theme of "Community Based Disaster Risk Management" organized by Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) held in Japan.

NSET participated in the “Regional Workshop on Building Risk Knowledge: Experience in Risk Assessment from the Region and “Enhancing Applications of Disaster Loss Database” organized by UNDP/Bangkok held in Bangkok, Thailand

NSET participated in the Asian Science and Technology Forum Tsukuba Seminar on “International Workshop on Information Platform for Disaster Reduction (IPDR Workshop)” held in Tsukuba, Japan

NSET attended the Asia-Pacific Regional Workshop on School Education and Disaster Risk Reduction” held in Bangkok

NSET attended the National Seminar on Seismic Microzonation” at EDI held in Ahmedabad, India

NSET attended the Regional Workshop on Accountability in Humanitarian Practice held in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

10th Earthquake Safety Day (ESD) held at Lalitpur, ESD Exhibitions at Lalitpur Sub Metropolitan City Office Premises, Pulchowk, Lalitpur

NSET provided technical assistance to DUDBC for conducting Basic Technical Training on Earthquake Resistant construction for the engineers of DUDBC at Hetauda

NSET attended the "SAARC workshop on Application of Science and Technology" organized by SAARC Disaster Management Center (SDMC) at New Delhi, India

NSET attended the International Conference on Construction on "Managing Earthquake Risk" organized by Construction Industry Development Council and supported by National Disaster Management Authority at New Delhi, India

NSET participated in the Meeting on "Regional Launch of Global Campaign on Safe Hospitals" organized by UNISDR at Bangkok

NSET conducted Training on Disaster Inventory/Information Management System in Nepal for the MOHA/ MOLD officials at Kantipur City College, Putalisadak in association with MOHA, MOLD and UNDP.

NSET provided technical support to the Mason Training program organized jointly by DUDBC Kavre and NSET at Dhulikhel

NSET conducted one-day "Yon- Men- Kaigi System Workshop" at Alapot in association with Bal Bikash School under the CASIFICA Project

NSET organized training on Light Search and Rescue for its staff at NSET office premise

NSET organized a "Lessons Learned Workshop on Disaster Preparedness and Response Plan Framework (DPRP) for Safe Drinking Water in Lalitpur Sub-Metropolitan City (LSMC), Nepal, in association with UNICEF and LSMC under the DPRP project

NSET attended the UNISDR meeting on expanded ISDR Asia Pacific held at Bangkok, Thailand

NSET attended the Second Annual Workshop on Disaster Reduction Hyper base Asian Application held at Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China

NSET attended the "Extensive Disaster Risk- Poverty Workshop organized by UNDP Regional Center Bangkok in collaboration with UN/ISDR held in Bangkok

NSET coordinated a study tour for the delegates of Bangladesh to familiarize with the concepts approaches and focus of ERM/DRM activities in Nepal, and the initiatives of NSET and evaluate possibilities of replication in Bangladesh under the CDMP Project Bangladesh.

NSET conducted a five - day 'Training Workshop on Building Code Implementation' jointly with UNCRD and DUDBC at the Godavari Village Resort

NSET organized a National Symposium on Building Codes and Building Code Implementation Systems jointly with DUDBC, UNCRD, UNDP and ERRRP at Pulchowk

NSET conducted Training of Trainers for Engineers in Earthquake Resistant Construction at Surkhet jointly with UNCRD and DUDBC

NSET conducted Mason training for masons at Surkhet jointly with UNCRD and DUDBC

NSET signed Memorandum of Understanding with Nepal Police for the implementation of PEER

NSET participated in the Steering Committee of the Asia NGO Consultative Meeting on DRR' organized by the Asian Disaster Reduction and Response Network, UNDP Special Unit for South Cooperation, UNISDR and Oxfam Hong Kong held in Bangkok

NSET participated in the "Disaster Reduction Hyper- base (DRH- Asia) 3rd Facilitation Meeting at EDM Meeting hall, EDM, Kobe

NSET signed agreement with the World Bank for implementation of "Developing a Strategy for Improving Seismic Safety of Schools in Nepal"

NSET participated in the Seventh International Workshop on Seismic Analysis in South Asia Region held in Thimpu, Bhutan

NSET signed MOU with Illam and Panauti Municipalities for the implementation of MDRIP project

NSET signed MOA with Action Aid towards school retrofitting in Udayapur and Sunsari districts

NSET attended the training program on Disaster Response and Recovery (DRR) organized by Government of Malaysia in association with Mercy Malaysia held in the Legend Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

NSET participated in the National Conference on Mass Instability and Earthquake Risk Management in Mountainous Regions: Challenge, Lessons Learnt and Future Strategy organized by Disaster Mitigation and Management Centre, Dehradun

NSET conducted School Teachers TOT on School Earthquake Preparedness with support from Lalitpur Municipality and UNICEF/EU

NSET participated in the South Asia Regional Consultation Meeting on owner driven reconstruction, Gujarat jointly organized by Gujarat State Disaster Management Authority (GSDMA) and other regional, Indian organization

NSET attended the JICA/ADRC workshop on Disaster Risk Reduction for ADRRN members at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

NSET participated in the Community Based Disaster Risk Management Training organized by MERCY Malaysia at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

NSET organized Students Summit on Earthquake Safety 2008 at Bhaktapur in association with Department of Education, UNICEF, SC Alliance, Maiko High School, Japan and Bank of Kathmandu

NSET conducted Training on Construction of Earthquake Resistant Building for Masons of Illam Municipality under MDRIP

NSET attend the USAID Project Implementation Meeting held in Delhi

NSET attended the 14th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering held at Beijing, China

NSET participated in the ' Human Settlement and Crisis" DMP retreat in Bangkok. Thailand organized by UN- HABITAT

NSET participated in "Partnership Development Workshop" organized by Government of India in collaboration with the World Bank, the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR) and the UN/ISDR held in New Delhi, India

NSET conducted Earthquake Resistant Building Construction Training for Masons of Rukum District with support from UMN

NSET participated in " Final Review Meeting on Disaster Risk- Poverty Analysis: Asia” organized by UNDP at Bangkok, Thailand

NSET conducted Earthquake Risk Reduction Training Program for Housewives in association with BRI/ Japan, GRIPS/Japan

NSET participated in the "Expert Meeting on HESI-UNCRD’s Project" and International Symposium 2008 on “Earthquake Safe Housing” held in Sokairo Hall of National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS), Tokyo, Japan

NSET hosted 6th ADRRN Annual Meeting at Kathmandu

NSET signed agreement with GFDRR/World Bank for Developing A Strategy for Improving the Seismic Safety of Schools in Nepal

NSET signed agreement with the GFDRR/ World Bank to prepare the ex-ante and ex-post investment at Nepal background paper for the Assessment on Economics of Disaster Risk Reduction

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