Disaster Resilient Communities in Nepal by 2050

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We at NSET, in order to enjoy enduring success through institutionalization of intended impacts in the communities in long term, have absolute clarity in our core values and a core purpose that remain fixed, while our strategies and practices endlessly adapt to the changing world.

Our core ideologies and values, which forms a system of timeless guiding principles and tenets are:

1. Community; our Raison d'être (Reason of existence)

2. Recognition and Respect for indigenous knowledge, approaches, technologies, systems and practices

3. Accountable, Responsible, Sustainable and Disciplined Actions

4. Outcome and Impact based mobilization, exploration and learning

5. Equitable, Inclusive, Collaborative working culture and approach

6. Apolitical Existence

7. Respect for the law of the land
8. Learn, Grow and Strive for Excellence as a team

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