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Vision Statement

"Earthquake Safe Communities in Nepal by 2020"

NSET was founded for the broad but very explicit cause of ensuring earthquake safety in the hazards prone urban as well as backward societies of Nepal and contributing to the regional & global level at large. Our institutional VISION which is the pivotal inspiration of the organization is to develop "Earthquake Safe Communities in Nepal by 2020".
The background of why and how NSET was envisioned is historically noteworthy.  The idea of setting up a specialized centre for reducing potential damages by earthquakes occurred to the founders of NSET after the Udaypur earthquake of 1988. The founders were among those Nepali professionals who were involved in the damage assessment and later, in the reconstruction and rehabilitation efforts. The damages were widespread and the earthquake became a turning point in terms of policy-making for responding to disasters. NSET President Mr. Shiva Bahadur Pradhanang recalls that the Udayapur Earthquake of 1988 was an “eye opener” for Nepal not only as regards the extent of damages that tremors could cause, but also in terms of the understanding why preventive measures are important.

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