Disaster Resilient Communities in Nepal by 2050

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"Disaster Resilient Communities in Nepal by 2050"

National Society for Earthquake Technology – Nepal (NSET) has launched 10-Year Strategic Plan (2021-2030). The newly launched NSET’s Strategic Plan 2021-2030 envisions for "Disaster Resilient Communities in Nepal by 2050".

Nepal has been facing significant damages and losses due to various degrees and types of disasters. NSET has had a rich experiences and lessons of working in the field of earthquake risk management in last 28 years and we believe that such experiences, knowledge, and lessons can be leveraged effectively in managing multi-hazard risks. In addition, the focus of global and national frameworks related to disaster resilience has encapsulated the aspects of multi-hazard risk management. NSET, hence envisions to widen, deepen and scale up its area of contribution in enhancing disaster resilience of communities.


To attain envisioned destination, NSET has crafted its institutional Mission

"To contribute in enhancement of disaster resilience of the communities through development and implementation of appropriate technologies, inclusive and collaborative approaches in order to minimize and manage disaster risks."

10-Year Strategic Plan (2021-2030)

NSET is pioneer institution in the field of earthquake risk management in Nepal and beyond. Consolidating the experience, knowledge, learning in disaster vulnerability reduction and preparedness to policy drafting and strategy development, and working with variety of stakeholders for more than two and half decades, NSET has now realized the need and decided, as stipulated by global thoughts, to expand its scope and works to managing multi-hazard situations, climate change adaptation and risk management, and integration of this synthesis of DRM and CRM into economic development efforts.

In this context, NSET has developed this 10-Year Strategic Plan (2021 to 2030) with an idea to ensure greater visibility in its strategic destination and the path to attain its envisioned destination through accomplishment of its mission. This 10-year strategic plan has been prepared with a clear thirst and commitment for growth and efficiency in its overall performance and impact on society.

With the view to enhance disaster safety with significant cooperation between the public and private sectors and maximum use of technology, NSET unveiled 10-year Strategic Plan at a function in Kathmandu in September 2021.The strategic plan envisions to run programs to reduce the risk of earthquake as well as floods, landslides, and incidents of fires. To achieve the goal, NSET will use traditional knowledge, skills, conduct responsible, disciplined, and sustainable programs, work for impact and results-oriented work, and focus on collaborative and participatory initiatives.

Strategic planning includes risk mapping and assessment, disseminating accurate information in the event of a disaster, setting standards for preparedness materials, raising awareness for risk mitigation, assisting in the preparation and implementation of national disaster risk mitigation programs, and testing and revision of existing plans. The strategic plan helps to develop awareness at the local level through the use of science and technology to enhance security against disasters.

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