Disaster Resilient Communities in Nepal by 2050

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Our Strategic Objectives are our priority areas of achievement to be accomplished within 2030. During 2021-2030, NSET will focus on the following strategic objectives which are connected to our strategic priorities:

SO1: Develop and implement integrated and inclusive interventions related to Multi-Hazard Disaster and Climate Risk Management through development and enhancement of understanding, capabilities and resources of communities in Nepal and region.

SO2: Assist in Institutionalization and Integration of validated understanding, approaches and technologies related to Disaster and Climate Risk Management into the laws, regulations, policies, initiatives and mechanisms in order to strengthen Disaster Risk Governance in Nepal.

SO3: Devise and integrate innovative, cost-effective and appropriate methods and measures in order to increase involvement and investment of public and private sector in Disaster and Climate Risk Management.

SO4: Develop and promote effective and inclusive collaboration in order to enhance and scale-up innovation and R&D in the area of Disaster Risk Management.

SO5: Be a dynamic, sustainable and learning organization through enhancement of capabilities, networks and collaborations.

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