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The number of new building construction is increasing day by day in Kathmandu Valley. And among the new buildings being constructed, large number of them is non-engineered, which means none of those buildings is being constructed according to the Building Code. As known to all, NSET has been trying hard to reduce earthquake risk. It is evident that the ongoing process has simply added the vulnerability concerns in buildings by conducting mason training, training for engineers, orientation for house owners etc. Complementing these efforts, “Mobile Earthquake Clinic” was started by NSET in Kathmandu Valley in 2004 to provide on-site consultation in aspects of earthquake- resistant building construction. It is an innovative initiative of NSET where a team of earthquake engineer / structural engineer, technician and masons visit different locations / building construction sites in and around Kathmandu valley and provide technical advice on earthquake resistant construction. The clinic is conducted with an objective to bring knowledge of safer building construction at the construction site of informal buildings, assist Building Code implementation at site level, monitor impact of earthquake awareness and further stimulate the house owners, builders to consider earthquake risk.

During these years, the clinic has covered hundreds of buildings within Kathmandu Valley and has successfully served as an onsite implementation of Building Code. Remarkable improvements in building construction has been observed since then as- Stirrups shape, size and spacing, size of structural members like column and improved detailing in connections (beam column joints), protection of infill walls etc. Most of house owners got to know about the earthquake risk in Kathmandu Valley and they were convinced on the benefits of seismic resistant construction and its economy. Thus through NSET's Mobile Earthquake Clinic, knowledge of safer building construction has been disseminated in a very effective manner.

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