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Go Bag

These things should already be packed in an easy-to-carry bag, ready for any emergency. Prepare one kit each for your home, car and office. Change the items every six months.

» Adequate supplies of medications that you or your family members are taking
» Drinking water, in 1 or 2 liters bottles
» Non-perishable food such as canned and package foods, dried fruits and nuts, cereals, beaten rice, lakhamari, dalmoth etc.
» Flashlights with extra bulbs and batteries
» Portable radio with extra batteries
» Water purifier tablets
» Mechanical can opener or Swiss army knife
» Copies of important family documents (such as birth and marriage certificates, passports, insurance papers, bank documents etc.) and important telephone numbers
» Copies of your house plan (useful in case of search and rescue action)
» Money
» Duplicate set of keys
» Blowing Whistle

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