Disaster Resilient Communities in Nepal by 2050

Technical Assistance to Municipalities in Building Code Implementation (BCI)

Supporting Agency: UNDP

Location within Country:Throughout the country
Project Period: 2011

NSET in association with Asian Disaster Preparedness Centre (ADPC) is assisting UNDP for "Support Quality and Implementation of Nepal National Building Code (NBC)" in five municipalities of Kathmandu Valley, one of the three areas under Comprehensive Disaster Risk Management Program (CDRMP), a project formulated in accordance with the Nepal Risk Reduction Consortium (NRRC), that aims to strengthen the institutional and legislative aspects of disaster risk management (DRM) in Nepal.

The overall objective of the program is to support quality and implementation of Nepal National Building Code (NBC). Its specific objectives are.

• Support Ministry of Physical Planning and Works (MPPW) and pilot municipalities to prepare replication strategy for awareness-raising on Nepal NBCs implementation

• Develop a public private partnership strategy (with building material suppliers, manufacturers, banks, insurance industry etc) for awareness raising on EQ safe practices

• Support MPPW to formulate action plan and to activate the Nat'l Committee to upgrade and implement NBC

• Develop a building code implementation guidelines and regulatory mechanism for five municipalities of KV and integrate NBC stipulations into building production process

• Validate and finalize existing curricula for masons and engineers trainings on earthquake resistant construction technology as Standard National Curricula through conducting test courses

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