Disaster Resilient Communities in Nepal by 2050

Capacity Building and Knowledge Management: Institutionalization of Earthquake Preparedness in School of Earthquake Affected Areas of Pakistan (CBKMP)

Supporting Agency: European Commission of Humanitarian Assistance through UN - ISDR Partner: Focus Humanitarian Assistance Pakistan (FOCUS) and Agakhan Education Services, Pakistan (AKES, P)

Country: Pakistan
Location within Country: Gilgit and Northern Areas of Pakistan
Project Period: November 2006 to April 2007

The Program:
With funding support from UN-ISDR, NSET implemented the project in close collaboration with Focus Humanitarian Assistance Pakistan (FOCUS) and Agakhan Education Services, Pakistan (AKES, P). The overall goal of the project was to contribute to building resilience of communities to disasters through capacity building of teachers and students in earthquake affected areas in Pakistan. The specific objectives were three-fold a) to introduce the knowledge and skills on earthquake-resistant construction of new and seismic retrofitting of existing school buildings in Gilgit and Northern areas of Pakistan by undertaking pilot demonstration program in each areas and conducting appropriate training for masons and school operators, b) to enhance earthquake awareness among the school system and institutionalize disaster preparedness and response planning, especially on seismic risks (on actions and measures to be taken before, during and after earthquakes, and development of safe school program, including check lists, evacuation drills, and so on c) to undertake a comparative research of lessons-learnt and best practices in the aftermath of earthquake rehabilitation and reconstruction process in India, Iran, Turkey and Pakistan.

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