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Seismic Vulnerability Assessment and Retrofitting Options for British Embassy Buildings in Tehran

Supporting Agency: Reynolds Geo-Sciences Ltd.

Country: Iran
Location within Country: Tehran
Project Period: September 2004- December 2005

the Program:
Seismic vulnerability of altogether 25 residential and office buildings of British Embassy Premises in Tehran, Iran were assessed under this project. The project started with developing and adapting the assessment methodology applicable for the typical Iranian buildings prevailing in the British Embassy Premises as well as in the city of Tehran. The methodology was developed based on the FEMA methodology. However, the checklists and methodology suggested in FEMA lacks the same suitable for the Iranian buildings. The project did qualitative structural assessment of all selected buildings of the Embassy to identify their structural strength and weaknesses and the possible consequence during the most likely earthquake shaking in the area. Detail quantitative assessment of few selected buildings was done and different retrofitting options were developed for those buildings. Typical retrofitting options were also developed for typical buildings.

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