Disaster Resilient Communities in Nepal by 2050

Up-streaming Community Based Approaches for Promoting Safer Building Construction in Iran

Supporting Agency: UNDP/Iran

Country: Islamic Republic of Iran
Location within Country: Tehran, Kerman
Project Period: November 2006 – September 2007

The Program:
The project was formulated and implemented jointly by UNDP-Iran and NSET considering mainly three facts. • Community-based approaches are necessary, especially in not-so-well organized construction sector, where control mechanisms for construction do not ensure 100% safety and quality of buildings, and the compliance with codes and by-laws is poor and especially when the main work is being done by lower-category contractor (Petty contractor). • Up-streaming of community-based approach is necessary also to improve seismic performance of existing, already built, non-engineered constructions, prevalent especially in rural areas. • Engineering and control mechanism is excellent in Iran, the need is to internalize the excellence into daily life and strengthen the compliance with the well-developed codes through encouraging demand for safety among people and filling the gap of technical knowledge between building workers and engineers.

The overall objective was for up-streaming community based approaches for promoting safer building construction specifically a)to discuss on community-based approaches for promoting safer building construction and explore potentials of the use of such approaches in Iran, b)to select/localize/customize different available tools and developing new tools for promoting safer building construction through mobilizing community and capacity development of end users, c)to discuss on possible modes of implementation and the role of different stakeholders, and d) to identify the related policies for supporting these activities and to suggest for favorable policy if felt necessary by the stakeholders.

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