Disaster Resilient Communities in Nepal by 2050

Solid Waste Management Project in Dharan Municipality

Supporting Agency: Regional Urban Environment Policy and Management Program of Regional Urban Development Office (RUDO) for South Asia, USAID, India

Country: Nepal
Location within Country: Dharan Municipality
Project Period: 2003
Partner:Dharan Municipality

The Program:
The Dharan Environmental Mapping Program (DEMP) conducted by NSET in association with Dharan Municipality with the financial support from USAID identified the waste management of the municipality as the next major problem after water supply. It was then realized that sustainable waste management has become a priority for urban environmental improvement in Dharan. Further inadequate and improper management in disposing solid waste generated in the municipal area has resulted serious environmental hazard and affected the health of people living in the area. "Feasibility Study on Community Based Solid Waste Management for Dharan Municipality" was carried out in the process to develop a model of sustainable SWM systems. This effort was carried out as a follow-up work of the Dharan Environmental Mapping Project (DEMP).

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