Disaster Resilient Communities in Nepal by 2050

Kathmandu Valley Earthquake Preparedness Initiative (KVEPI)

Supporting Agency: Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA) of USAID through American Red Cross

Location within Country: 10 wards within five municipalities of Kathmandu Valley
Project Period: March 2004- June 2005

The program
Kathmandu Valley Earthquake Preparedness Initiative (KVEPI) was implemented in 10 locations of Kathmandu Valley as a joint program of Nepal Red Cross Society (NRCS), American Red Cross and NSET. This program used a combined approach of building capacity of NRCS volunteers, pre-positioning critical emergency supplies and rescue equipment, training people in basic first aid and rescue techniques, and helping the general public to identify and advocate for safer building practices. Primary goal of the initiative was to help communities develop preparedness capabilities and to reduce potential sufferings from earthquake disasters.


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