Disaster Resilient Communities in Nepal by 2050

Disaster Risk Inventory/Information Management System, Institutionalization of Disaster Inventory/Information Management System (I-DIMS) in Nepal

Supporting Agency: UNDP/Nepal

Location within Country: Tanahu, Chitwan
Project Period: 2006 Onwards

The Programs:

In continuation of the efforts to institutionalize Disaster Information management system, and to further the achievements of the previous DesInventar project in 2003, UNDP provided financial support to NSET to carry on second phase of DesInventar (April –December 2006) where it was proposed that DesInventar system is to be institutionalized into a simple disaster risk information system/disaster inventory management system in the official administration at the ground level. For this, the system was piloted in two districts of Nepal. The objectives of this pilot phase were to organize experience sharing platforms for finalizing the methodology and classification of the roles of different stakeholders in the collection, validation, compilation and analysis of the relevant disaster data; to develop an institutional framework to record all natural disaster events irrespective of their scale at the VDC/Municipality level of the piloted districts; to build the required capacities of the mandated institutions and personnel to implement the activities and to prepare mid-term and final reports that highlight the methodology, lessons learnt and, especially assess the possibility of applicability and adaptation of the DesInventar methodology at a nation wide scale.


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