Disaster Resilient Communities in Nepal by 2050

Nepal Earthquake Professionals Training and Earthquake Hazard Reduction through USGS

Supporting Agency: USGS

Nepal Earthquake Professionals Training and Nepal Earthquake Hazard Reduction is project that National Society for Earthquake Technology- Nepal (NSET) is collaborating with USGS regarding Training and reducing the Earthquake Hazard in Nepal. it is currently being implemented in Nepal since 2015. The first phase was initiated in 2015 and the phase 2 is being implemented since 2021.

Acquisition of earthquake ground motion time history data for engineering purposes by establishing a nationwide grid of seism metric devices.

Main activities
• Currently we are establishing a nationwide grid of accelerometers and geophones. For this purpose, we aim to make the devices fully operational in 10 to 15 districts such that the entire nation is covered. More districts will be included as more devices become available.
• Develop computer programs and user interface to process the seismic data thus acquired.
• Regularly monitor and maintain the installed devices and data and relocate them if necessary.

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