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CITYNET National Workshop on the SDG Navigator and the localization of Urban Sustainable Development Goal Cases

Supporting Agency: CItyNet

Supporting Agency: CItyNet
Period: August to November 2021

Sharing on SDG Navigator and the localization of Urban Sustainable Development Goal Cases

The CityNet Secretariat seeks member cities and partners to organize a series of National Workshop on the Urban SDG Knowledge Platform’s new tools, namely the SDG Navigator and the Toolkit on Localization of Urban SDG cases. The workshops will be an occasion for CityNet members in a given country to have a workshop adapted and targeted to their domestic context, situation, and specific challenges.

The CityNet Secretariat looks to partner with one city and/or organization per country to act as the local partner to organize the workshop, complete the translation of one of CityNet’s tools, mobilize domestic participants, and complete a short report on the overall findings & results of the workshop.

The workshops are to serve as an activities undertaken under the Urban SDG Knowledge Platform created by ESCAP, Seoul Metropolitan Government, and CityNet. With this in mind it will serve to advance the implementation and achievement of the SDGs at the local level and will serve as a platform to showcase innovative and successful case studies.

SDG Navigator
The SDG Navigator is a self-assessment tool, created to help cities evaluate their current performance in the implementation of SDGs, based on official United Nations SDG targets. Additionally, the SDG Navigator will suggest best practices from the Urban SDG Knowledge Platform that will help cities address their challenges in SDG implementation.

Toolkit for Localization of Urban Practices
The biggest challenge for cities pursuing sustainable development is the implementation of best practices into their cities. The Toolkit on Localization of Urban Practices is a pre-feasibility screening tool that aims to assess if best practices and projects from one city can be localized and implemented into another city. Based on a self-assessment of five key dimensions, cities will be able to assess whether the target practice is suitable to be adapted and localized, considering their specific context.

CityNet and NSET implemented the activities in Nepal during Aug-Nov 2021. NSET is the Host Organization of CityNet Nepal National Committee

The program expected to undertake the following tasks and deliverables:
» Translation of the either the SDG Navigator, the Toolkit on localization of Urban Practices, or both, in Nepali
» A Blended (Hybrid) workshop on localizing the SDGs with invited experts/speakers and domestic CityNet members

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