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Meeting between CityNet Secretariat and CNNC

Different issues have been discussed during a meeting between CityNet Secretariat and CityNet Nepal National Chapter (CNNC) held in NSET office, Lalitpur on 30th September 2023.

The main objective of the meeting was to discuss on ongoing activities of CityNet and CNNC and possibility of assistance and support from CityNet Secretariat for CNNC activities, learning and sharing opportunities, procedure for CityNet membership and upcoming events i.e. 43rd Executive Committee meeting in Suwon and 10 Congress of CityNet.

From the CityNet Secretariat, Mr. Bohyun Kim, Programme Officer of CityNet Secretariat and Ms. Hojeong Jang, Senior Operations Officer of CityNet Secretariat Seoul participated the meeting while CNNC members, including mayors CAOs, institution heads, host organization and other representatives from the cities were also present. 

The meeting was held in hybrid format as some participants were physically present while others attended via zoom platform (online). Notable participants were Mayor Santosh Lal Shrestha from Tansen Municipality (CNNC General Secretary City), Mayor Padam Bogati of Bheem Datta Municipality (CNNC treasurer)  Mayor Mr. Rajan Poudel, Jitpur-Simara Municipality (CNNC Member), Mayor Mohan Maya Dhakal Birendranagar Municipality (CNNC member), , CAO Mr. Rajendra Parajuli, Biratnagar Metropolitan City (CNNC Chair city), CAO Mr. Jiwan Gyawali,Tansen Municipality, Subash Dhungana, officer,Pokhara Metropolitan City (CNNC Member), Mr. Bijay Raj Gautam from INSEC (CNNC Member), Dr. Ganesh Kumar Jimee, NSET (Member and host of CNNC) and other representatives from the member cities and organizations.

The meeting discussed on the possible support to CNNC from CityNet Secretariat, CityNet and CNNC ongoing and upcoming activities, learning and sharing opportunities through CityNet platform, CityNet membership application process, 10th Congress of CityNet, 43rd Executive Committee Meeting and others. 

The meeting was chaired by Mr. Rajn Poudel, Speaking at the meeting, mayor Poudel stressed on the need of cooperation and support between CityNet and CNCC regarding the issues of cities i.e. disaster management, development, environment and strengthening the capacities. Similarly, Mayor Santosh Lal Shrestha also graced the meeting with welcome remarks on line.

During the meeting, Dr. Ganesh Kumar Jimee from NSET (member and host of CNNC) facilitated the meeting and shared CNNC ongoing and planned activities. Mr. Bohyun Kim shared the ongoing and upcoming activities of CityNet Secretariat. He also explained the possibility of support to CNNC, CityNet membership criteria/ procedure and the process for selecting the host city for 10th Congress of CityNet. He also appreciated for CNNC’s spirit of work and organizing this meeting. All participants actively participated the meeting, they shared experiences and put thoughts on mutual support between CityNet Secretariat and CNNC.


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