Disaster Resilient Communities in Nepal by 2050

Turkey and Nepal face similar seismic risks

Nepal needs to reciprocate Türkiye’s generous and prompt assistance seven years ago, and show solidarity during this tragedy. Nepal has also been able to build back better within 5-6 years and can share some of its experience.

By the time Nepal’s teams are mobilized in a few days, search and rescue operation may be already of less relevance. However, medical teams with expertise in orthopaedics, trauma care and essential medical supplies will be useful since responders have themselves been caught up in the disaster.

Nepal Red Cross has a strong system and experience in local response and volunteer mobilisation, and can go with essential humanitarian supplies like shelter and non-food items.

In the medium term, Nepal’s experience in rural housing reconstruction can help during the recovery and reconstruction. Organisations like NSET and others have amassed experience in helping recovery, reconstruction in other earthquakes in Gujarat, Bam, Banda Aceh, Kashmir and Nepal itself.

NSET’s Executive Director Mr. Surya Narayan Shrestha has composed an insightful piece published on Nepali Times epaper.

Read the Article at: Turkey and Nepal face similar seismic risks

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