Disaster Resilient Communities in Nepal by 2050

Multi-stakeholder discussion held on policies and practices in dealing with displaced population

National Workshop on "Policies and Practices in Dealing with Displaced Population: Existing Polices, Gaps and Challenges" held in Nepal during December 22-23, 2022. The participants have extensively discussed existing problems of displaced people and come up with the recommendations especially about the existing problems, possible solutions and identifying stakeholders to resolve such problems. NSET organized the workshop under GNDR supported “Making Displacement Safer (MDS): Locally-led DRR Solutions for Displaced Populations in Urban Areas” program.

The workshop aimed to build common understanding on the existing policy provision and plans of Nepal Government in dealing with displaced population, identify gaps in the policy provision and practices in dealing with displaced population in Nepal, share international practices of dealing with displaced population and enhance disaster resilience and recommend practical approaches towards enhancing disaster resilience of displaced population in Nepal.

Mr. Surya Narayan Shrestha, Executive Director of NSET, highlighted the goals, process, and anticipated results of the workshop. Sharing that hazards and disasters are closely interlinked with landless people in Nepal, Mr. Shrestha stressed on the need of policy revision as the local level issues are not addressed by Nepal’s existing policies.

Mr. Bibek Nepal, Survey Officer at Ministry of Land Management, Cooperatives and Poverty Alleviation (MOLCPA) expressed gratitude and appreciation to NSET for raising issues relating to displaced population and local people on a global platform. He further pointed out the absence of national database to carry out detailed study on impact of disasters against the landless people.

Besides the brief opening ceremony, the two-day workshop incorporated two expert presentations, one thematic discussion, group works, presentation of group works and closing and way forward sessions.

Mr. Bijay Krishna Upadhyay, Technology Innovation Expert from NSET, made presentation on MDS activities in Nepal. Mr. Prakirna Tuladhar, Deputy Director General of Department of Urban Development and Building Construction (DUDBC) made presentation on Policy provisions and practices in Nepal regarding displaced population.

Then, Mr. Sunil Koirala, noted journalist working on DRR issues conducted a thematic discussion with major focus on existing policy provisions, current practices, and the gap regarding displaced and landless people in Nepal. Following the thematic discussion, divided into 2 groups, the participants carried out group works where they discussed the problems, solutions, and durable solutions of the displaced people. The workshop came up with some recommendations especially about the existing problems, possible solutions of such problems and identifying stakeholders to resolve such problems.

In the workshop, 3 international delegates and NSET made presentations on "International practices in dealing with Displace Population". Ms. Ipsita Sircar from GNDR presented on the global scenario about the displaced population. Ms. Gothami Chandraratne from Janathakshan made presentation regarding experience from Sri Lanka while Mr. Danang Azhari (Dana) from Resilience Development Initiative (RDI) presented the best practices of Indonesia. On the occasion, Mr. SB Sangachhe Senior Urban Planner from NSET presented on "Building disaster resilience of Displaced Population."

Representatives from the displaced population, civil society organizations, parliamentarians, policy makers, and relevant departments and commissions of Nepal Government participated the two-day workshop. The community members from Kathmandu-9, Sinamangal were also present in the workshop. A total of 31 participants, including 14 female and 17 male participated in the workshop.


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