Earthquake Safe Communities in Nepal

Earthquake Safety Rallies from various locations of Bhaktapur convert into National Meeting

With the view to elevate the level of public awareness, perception, and attitude towards earthquake risks as well as preparedness and to promote and encourage safer construction practice, Earthquake Safety Rallies were organized in Bhaktapur as part of 22nd Earthquake Safety Day (ESD)on Thursday, January 16, 2020.

The Earthquake Safety Rallies, started from two different places of Bhaktapur; Lamgal Pukhu and Bhajya Pukhu with the awareness-raising messages, converted into Earthquake Memorial Meeting organized Bhaktapur Durbar Square. The rally started from Lamgal Pukhu was led by Sunil Prajapati, Mayor of Bhaktapur Municipality while the rally started from Bhajya Pukhu was led by Ms. Rajani Shrestha Joshi, Deputy Mayor of Bhaktapur Municipality.

The rallies were attended by various Rank and File Government Officials, Elected Representatives, Officials and Participants from various organizations including Schools, Colleges, Business Community, Non-Government Organizations, Security Personnel, Professionals & Activists of Disaster Risk Reduction and People from the Community.

Earthquake Safety Rally is one of the major program events of ESD being held every year and it is held before the National Meeting. National Meeting, a key event of ESD, was organized in Bhaktapur this year.


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