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Non-Structural Mitigation Refresher Training course conducted in Kirtipur

A Non-Structural Mitigation (NSM) Refresher Training course has been conducted in Kirtipur Kathmandu on Tuesday, Decemer17, 2019. The training was organized by Kirtipur Women Network (KWN) with the support from Kirtipur Municipality. National Society for Earthquake Technology- Nepal provided technical assistance for conducting the course. The main objective of the training was to enhance the capacity of women in non-structural mitigation activities and develop the hand on practice to the mitigation activities. Altogether 36 members from KWN participated in the program.

The program started with a formal program where Mr. Ganga Ram Maharjan, Ward Chair of Kirtipur Municipality-9 and Coordinator of Disaster Risk Management Committee of the Municipality inaugurated the program.  On the occasion, Mr. Maharjan also wished the participants for the success of the training.

Mr. Harshaman Maharjan, the Disaster Expert of Kirtipur Municipality and Member of DPNet, Ms. Hasana Maharjan and Ms. Shuvlaxmi Shakya, Current and Former president of KWN respectively, were also present at the program. Speaking at the program, Ms. Maharjan remarked that participation of women in NSM training is important as they are limited within their homes most of time and could become victim due to fall of such NSM elements during even minor earthquake.

The training was focused on the theoretical aspects of NSM as well as practical exercise where different methodologies were used including field exercise and hand-on practice. All the participants actively engaged in the training and got opportunity to learn about the ways of non-structural mitigation.

The program was concluded with brief closing ceremony wherein Ms. Shuva Laxmi Shakya expressed her sincere gratitude towards Kirtipur Municipality and NSET for their support in the training. Also, she thanked all the participants for their active participation in sessions.

Kirtipur is one of the historical cities of Kathmandu Valley and it has typical housing construction practice. The Municipality is also rich from the point of view of socio-cultural and historical lenses. The beautiful artistic temples, typical Newari building, art, architecture and culture are the inherent assets of the Municipality. Non-structural risk is prevalent in both traditional as well as in the newly constructed buildings. This training is believed to help mitigate such risks. 


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