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NSET marks Silver Jubilee of its Journey

National Society for Earthquake Technology–Nepal (NSET) has marked Silver Jubilee of its journey with a gala event on June 20, 2018. On the occasion, NSET organized various programs including 25th NSET Day Ceremony with cultural events at Radisson Hotel in Kathmandu.

NSET, which was established in 1993 with its mission to enhance seismic safety of Nepal and the beyond, observes the day on June 18 every year as 'A Day to Reaffirm the Commitments to Earthquake Safety". NSET, however, marked the 25th Anniversary this year right after the conclusion of a International Conference “Risk2Resiliance” which was commenced on June 18, 2018. The conference focused on the experience of Earthquake Risk Management, Preparedness and Reconstruction in Nepal.

The formal program had started with the National Anthem recited by NSET Troupe and joined in by all present.

Addressing the 25th Anniversary of NSET, NSET Executive Director Mr. Surya Narayan Shrestha welcomed all the guests and highlighted the NSET endeavors to help build communities resilient to disasters. "We decided to mark the NSET Day event as concluding event of Risk2Resilaince Conference,” said Mr. Shrestha, adding, “we are happy to have completed active, intense, thoughtful, collaborative and challenging 25 years journey."

NSET Executive Director Mr. Shrestha further shared that NSET has been successful in training directly to over 40,000 persons in different disciplines including trainings to more than 17,000 masons, 2,500 engineers, 12,000 other stakeholders and more than 9,000 emergency responders as well as engaging directly with half a million people through house orientations, trainings, seminars and workshops and also worked with 200 organizations in 12 countries in the region.

NSET General Secretary Dr. Amod Mani Dixit in his remarks briefed about the NSET’s 25 years’ journey. Presenting the various milestones of NSET’s 25 years history, Dr. Dixit contemplated the activities and efforts from past to present in disaster risk reduction. On the occasion, Dr. Dixit expressed sincere thanks to various personnel, organizations, staff members for their untiring efforts to bring the NSET thus far for the past 25 years.

Addressing the Anniversary program, Mr. Brian Tucker, President, Geo-Hazards International, California, shared his experience of working together with NSET in first ever retrofitting project carried out at Bhuwaneshwori Lower Secondary Schools in Nangkhel, Bhaktapur.

On the occasion, Mr. Hareram Shrestha, President of Nepal Engineers' Association appreciated at NSET for leading a mission to help build earthquake resilient communities in Nepal. Mr. Shrestha added, "it has been very successful 25 years journey as NSET is leading the mission collaborating with various stakeholders including government, non-governmental, private sectors and international agencies.

Mr. Rajendra Khanal from Department of Mine and Geology extended his wishes to NSET on the occasion of 25th NSET day appreciating its efforts in reducing great deal of risk posed by seismic hazards in the country.

At the program, Mr. Varun Prasad Shrestha, NSET President, Prof. Dr. Jibraj Pokhrel, Vice Chancellor of Napal Science and Technology (NAST), Mr. Brian Tucker, President of Geo-Hazards International, Dr. Hariram Parajuli, Executive Member of NRA, Mr. Hareram Shrestha, President of Nepal Engineers' Association and Mr. Yogeshwor Krishna Krishna Parajuli, NSET Management Board Member jointly unveiled a publication: "Earthquake Scenario of Kathmandu Valley based on Post 2015 Gorkha Earthquake".

Total 500 people including Guests from various Government Offices, recently elected Local Governments, Security Forces, Diplomatic Missions, Bilateral/Multilateral Agencies, Donors/Partners, I\NGOs, CBOs, Professional Societies, Private Sector, Media, Local Communities and various DRR stakeholders as well as more than 250 NSET Staff and Members joined the ceremony.

A documentary film on NSET’s 25 Years Journey was screened on the occasion.

Concluding the formal segment of Anniversary Ceremony, NSET President Mr. Varun Prasad Shrestha thanked all the guests and partners for all their encouragements, guidance and supports to NSET. The program was conducted by Dr. Ramesh Guragain, Deputy Executive Director of NSET.


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