Disaster Resilient Communities in Nepal by 2050

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Collaboration kicks-off for making future Rapti city disaster resilient

Provincial Infrastructure Development Authority (PIDA), Lumbini Province, Nepal and Tomorrow’s Cities research project have entered into a formal collaboration for the implementation of project activities in Rapti city, the Provincial Headquarters.

Tomorrow’s Cities is the UK Research and Innovation (UKRI)


NSET's efforts towards responding to Gorkha Earthquake 2015


Information Gathering/Dissemination and Media Coordination

Development of Situation Maps

Damage Assessments of Critical Facilities


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Makati City hosted CityNet Disaster Cluster Seminar

The 15th CityNet Disaster Cluster Seminar (15th CNDC)  has been held in Makati city in Philippines during June 7-8, 2023. The CNDC was hosted... DetailDetail

Online training course on Future Visioning conducted focusing for Rapti city

A 3-day Online Training on Tomorrow's Cities Decision Support Environment (TCDSE) Course Module 1: Future Visioning has been conducted during 17-19... DetailDetail

GHI and NSET conduct Mason Training in Godawari Municipality

As a part of capacity enhancement of local masons, a training has been conducted to the group of masons involved in the construction of a new... DetailDetail

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