Disaster Resilient Communities in Nepal by 2050

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30th Year of NSET's Action marked

National Society for Earthquake Technology–Nepal (NSET) has completed 30 years of NSET's action. This year on June 18, NSET marked the day as "A Day to Reaffirm the Commitments to Disaster Resilience" in an event organized at NSET Office premises.

NSET was founded on June 18, 1993 for the broad but very explicit cause of ensuring...


NSET's efforts towards responding to Gorkha Earthquake 2015


» Information Gathering/Dissemination and Media Coordination

» Development of Situation Maps

» Damage Assessments of Critical Facilities


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Meeting between CityNet Secretariat and CNNC

Different issues have been discussed during a meeting between CityNet Secretariat and CityNet Nepal National Chapter (CNNC) held in NSET office,... Detail Detail

New Executive Committee of CNNC elected

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of CityNet Nepal National Chapter (CNNC) has been organized in Biratnagar Metropolitan City on Thursday, September... Detail Detail

Disaster Preparedness and Response Plan of Lalitpur made public.

Preparing for disasters saves countless lives, speeds up people's recovery and saves money. With the objective of preventing and reducing the... Detail Detail

Teaching Skill for Professionals (TSP) Course conducted for Professors and DRR Professionals

Teaching Skill for Professionals (TSP) Course has been conducted in Lalitpur for the professors from Engineering Colleges and DRR Professionals... Detail Detail

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