Earthquake Safe Communities in Nepal

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‘Baliyo Ghar’ – the Housing Reconstruction Technical Assistance Program completes, Direct Socio-Technical support provided to rebuild 63700 houses

‘Baliyo Ghar’ – the Housing Reconstruction Technical Assistance Program has completed its operation. With an aim of supporting the Government of Nepal’s owner driven approach for the reconstruction of private houses damaged during the 2015 Gorkha Earthquake, NSET implemented USAID’s ‘Baliyo Ghar’ program as a key part of the...


NSET's efforts towards responding to Gorkha Earthquake 2015


Information Gathering/Dissemination and Media Coordination

Development of Situation Maps

Damage Assessments of Critical Facilities


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Rapid Damage Assessment of Buildings (RDAT 1001) trainings organized in Kathmandu

Two One-Day Trainings on Rapid Damage Assessment of Buildings (RDAT 1001) were organized in Kathmandu by British Embassy Kathmandu in the month of... DetailDetail

Aspects of scaling up seismic retrofitting of residential buildings discussed, experiences of pilot retrofit works shared

National Workshop on “Scaling up Seismic Retrofitting of Residential Buildings through Local Government Regulatory System” held in... DetailDetail

Residential building retrofitted as model work under USAID’s Tayar Nepal grant handed over to house-owner

Model work of retrofitting a residential building has been completed and handed over to house-owner in Ghorahi Sub-Metropolitan City. The house was... DetailDetail

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Major Program


Nepal Safer Schools Projects


Technical Support for Resilient Community


Risk Informed Landside Management in Nepal's Hill Area

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