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Community Action for Disaster Response -Training for Instructors/Instructors’ Workshop (CADRE-TFI/IW)

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To provide future CADRE Course instructors the basic knowledge and skills necessary to present and conduct the lessons, practical exercises, post-tests and evaluations of the CADRE Course, while properly applying the interactive method of instruction.

Performance Objective
After completing the CADRE-TFI/IW, the participant/facilitator will be able to:

Use the lesson plans and other materials, equipment and facilities to present two (2) lecture- based (maximum time: 60 minutes) and one (1) practical exercise (maximum time: 30 minutes) presentations of the CADRE Course that will be assigned to individual participant. Participants will be following the Lesson Plan and using the Participant Workbook, Reference Material, visual aids and equipment, while properly applying the interactive method of instruction.

Action: Each participant will present two (2) lessons and one (1) practical exercise of the CADRE Course, which will be assigned.

Condition: Will have available the Lesson Plans, Participant Workbook, Reference Material, visual aids, necessary equipment and facilities.

Standard: Lesson content must be presented according the Interactive Method of Instruction, using the lesson plans, materials and equipment available as outlined in the CADRE Course, within the time frames established by the facilitators in the CADRE Instructor’s Workshop.


This Workshop applies the interactive lecture method (ILM) of instruction that is objective based, performance oriented, tested, and highly participatory. The PEER CADRE-TFI/IW is led by a Course Coordinator, five lead/full instructors, and three assistant instructors. The experience of the instructors is enriched by the interaction between the participants. On top of nine instructors, an experienced Course Monitor is assigned for overall supervision of course delivery.

CADRE TFI Course Content

The CADRE TFI component contains the following subjects:

»  Informing, Persuading and Instructing
»  Communication and Platform Skills
»  Purpose and Objectives
»  Planning a Lesson
»  Communicative Visuals
»  Methods of Instruction
»  Audio-visual Equipment
»  Facilities and Coordination
»  Testing and Evaluation
»  Classroom Management

CADRE-IW Lesson Summaries

Lesson 1 – Introduction
Introduce Workshop staff/personnel, Expectations, materials to be used, Inspection of personal protective equipment, Purpose, performance objectives, Instructional objectives, testing/evaluation system, schedule, workshop evaluation forms, workshop registration form, liability release form, health and nutritional requirements form, administrative issues, emergency procedures, "file", lesson assignments.

Lesson 2 – Principles of Adult Learning
Definition of learning. Types of learning. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Factors that influence adult learning. Individual differences in adult learning. Types of adult learners.

Lesson 3 – How to Prepare and Present a CADRE Lesson
Lesson plan components. Sequence criteria. How to use a CADRE lesson plan. CADRE Instructor’s Guide.

Lesson 4 – Managing Practical Stations and Exercises
General guidelines for practical stations and exercises. Specific instructions as needed for individual lessons. Managing the Final Practical Exercise.

Lesson 5 – CADRE Course Evaluation Method
Ongoing evaluation during practical stations. Evaluating the Final Practical Exercise.

Lesson 6 – Using the CADRE Course Coordinator’s Guide
Coordinator’s Guide Layout. Timeline. Planning. Precautions and problem solving.

Lesson 7 - Individual Presentations
Individual presentation of two lecture-based and one practical-based lesson.

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