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Journos of Dhading discussed the issues of Resilient Reconstruction and Retrofit

As the pace of rebuilding flattened houses has been speeded up and Retrofit has been the burning issue these days, NSET-Baliyo Ghar team has comprehensively discussed with the journos of Dhading district on the roles of mass media for resilient reconstruction and successful implementation of Retrofit. To build better understanding among the mass media practitioners particularly on Retrofit along with ongoing reconstruction progress, a Media Workshop on Reconstruction and Retrofit was organized in DhadingBesi on 8 Feb, 2019 under Baliyo Ghar Program.

27 active journalists working for national broadsheets and local media based in Dhading along with 10 more Retrofit beneficiaries participated the one-day workshop. In enhancing the knowledge on the concept, technology and viability of Retrofit among the journalists and sharing the ideas in implementing Retrofit On-the Job Training (OJT) in Dhading, the workshop became an ample platform.

Dr. Ramesh Guragain, Deputy Executive Director of NSET presented the concept, implementation planning, research findings and experience in implementing Retrofit among the participants. After the presentation, the participants widely discussed the challenges and aptness in implementing Retrofit in the houses that were partially collapsed during Gorkha Earthquake. Mr. Harihar Singh Rathour, Correspondent of Kantipur Daily said, "However the concept and research findings in implementing retrofit sounds good, there are some misunderstandings in the community about the cost and procedure. Hence, the retrofit beneficiaries are transforming themselves in the reconstruction beneficiaries." National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) is allowing the retrofit beneficiaries to get converted in reconstruction beneficiaries if they want to. Government is providing Rs. 1 Lakh grant for the retrofit beneficiaries and 3 Lakhs for reconstruction beneficiaries. Likewise, Mr. Rajendra Basnet, Correspondent of Karobar Daily, queried about the technicalities of Stone Masonry building and RCC building and their variance in strength.

Mr. Khadga Sen Oli, Advocacy and Outreach Manager of NSET presented the roles of mass media to promote safer reconstruction, resilient communities and expected roles in promoting effective implementation of Retrofit. After the presentation, Mr. Sitaram Prasad Burma, Ex-Chair of FNJ-Dhading, Mr. Sitaram Adhikari, Reporter of National News Agency, Mr. Rajaram Sharma, Station Manager of Radio Dhading, Mr. Ramkumar Thapa, Station Manager, Neelkantha FM shared their experience of reporting in the post-earthquake situation and overall reconstruction process. In the meantime, sharing their learning over the workshop, most of the participants acknowledged NSET-Baliyo Ghar for creating a pertinent platform to discuss about retrofit and enhancing knowledge on its technicalities.

Invited as the special guest in the workshop, Mr. Rajendra KC, Chief of NRA-GMALI-Dhading stressed on the progress of reconstruction that Dhading district has achieved so far. Mr. KC urged the journalists to cover and write the reconstruction success stories and also positive aspects of reconstruction.

After the workshop NSET-Baliyo Ghar team had a short interaction meeting with retrofit beneficiaries of Dhading.


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