Earthquake Safe Communities in Nepal

Review and Sharing held in Japan on collaborative efforts of Team Hyogo and NSET on Disaster Education in schools

After the Gorkha earthquake 2015 in Nepal, the education sector had suffered a huge setback. In this context, the necessity of sustainable Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) education system was felt. To assist the Government in establishing and promoting the disaster risk reduction education, the program 'Disaster Education from Hyogo in Nepal' was started through the formation of a joint consortium between National Society for Earthquake Technology- Nepal (NSET) and Team Hyogo, Japan. Eight schools of Dupcheswor Rural Municipality, Nuwakot were selected for the program's implementation with the recommendation and guidance from the District Education Office, Nuwakot. The project ran from June 2016 to December 2018. The major outcomes of the project were Development of sustainable DRR education, Reconstruction of a remote area school building and Teachers Manual and Student's workbook developed by teachers.

After successfully concluding the program in Nepal, the Closing Ceremony for the program was held at Kobe, Japan on 20th January 2019 where the program approach and components reviewed and also key learnings shared. The program was attended by Mr. Yoshiteru Murosaki, President of Team Hyogo, Graduate School of Disaster Resilience and Governance, University of Hyogo. Various Organizations, University members as well as high school students attended the program. NSET professional made a presentation regarding the project. Maiko High School students made a presentation and talked about their long history with NSET and shared their experiences visiting various schools in Nepal.

Similarly, on 22nd January 2019 a reporting session at Hyogo Prefectural Government was held at Disaster Management Headquarter, Hyogo Prefectural Government. The program was attended by Mr. Takashi Hayagane (Superintendent of Emergency Management), Mr. Takashi Takami (Director General Disaster Management and Planning Bureau), Mr. Shirou Matsuhisa (Manager Disaster Management and Planning), Mr. Masahiro Noda (Group leader Disaster Management and Planning), Mr. Jyunji Moriwaki (Member Disaster Management and Planning). Mr. Takashi Hayagane remarked that the project was able to achieve good results despite a small scale.

Similarly, NSET professional made a presentation regarding the project at Kyoto University, Disaster Prevention Research Institute. The members present during the event were Professor Katsuya Yamori (Social psychology, disaster information, DRR education), Associate Prof. Masamitsu Ohnishi (Civil Engineering, DRM in volcano, Evacuation planning), Specific Associate Prof. Kensuke Takenouchi (weather information, Disaster information, community participation, evacuation planning) and Senior Lecturer Dr. Lahournat Florence.


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