Earthquake Safe Communities in Nepal

Revival of Chathali

The marginalized group of Dokthali, Suspa Chemawati and Alampu after witnessing disasters on 2045 BS were resettled at Chathali (north-western part of District headquarters Charikot) after philanthropic contribution of a local and forest community. 14 houses were rebuilt for 28 families and they were residing happily until 2015 Gorkha earthquake shattered their dreams of leaving in a safe house which they had dreamt of while resettlement process in 2045 BS. Witnessing two disasters at one life time and having to get over it is something which normal people don’t experience and aren’t ready off.

The community was left with no alternatives rather than to work hand in hand and build the tumbled house better and stronger. The community with marginalized group of Thami community had plans on building their houses by Parma system. 30 houses had to be resettled and the community people could not afford a weak house that would again befall after next possible earthquake so, they were keen and interested on knowing the technology on how they could build an earthquake resistant houses. Lead masons from the cluster consulted municipality for possible help and they were supported through 7 days capacity building masons training which was delivered by Baliyo Ghar (implemented by National Society for Earthquake Technology- NSET) in collaboration and close coordination with DUDBC and Municipality. 7 masons form that cluster participated in the training and their capacity were enhanced in course of the training.

Aftermath the training they went with a strong determination of building their community as a resilient one this time. 7 trained masons now started working as a unit to build each of their broken house turn by turn. On course of building the broken houses they taught their brothers, wives and neighbors the skill they learned in course of training and they were further benefited by the socio- technical assistantship by the technical professionals of NRA, municipality and Baliyo Ghar mobile team too. It took them 3 years to build their broken houses better and stronger and all of the houses have been benefited by the government tranches. As of now 30 houses of Chathali have been built and people have again revived from second disaster of their life and now are ready to fight the next possible one. 

To commemorate the 1990 Great earthquake through 21st Earthquake Safety Day, the District Disaster Management Committee (DDMC) of Dolakha, NRA- DLPIU GMALI, NRA- DLPIU building, Bhimeshwor Municipality, Ward office through technical support of NSET-Baliyo Ghar decided to distribute the certificate of completion to the house owners of Chathali. Further, the masons who were involved in the reconstruction of the cluster too were appreciated for their effort in reconstruction as champions. A formal program was organized at a community hall of Chathali where representatives from Municipality, DAO, DCC, NRA, DLPIU (building and education), Nepal Police, armed police force, journalists and civil society organizations working for reconstruction and disaster risk management participated. 

The program kicked off after a speech from the DLPIU- Building chief where he highlighted the consequences of Earthquake, its potential risk and its risk mitigation strategies on brief. Further he updated about the reconstruction scenario of Dolakha. After that the certificate of completion was handed over to first 21 houses on occasion of 21st Earthquake safety day by the Mayor of Bhimeshwor Municipality. Chief of NRA- DLPIU (GMALI) highlighted the importance of the certificate of completion and also stressed the importance of having it. The chairman of DDMC, CDO of Dolakha highlighted the scenario of disasters in Nepal. He stressed out that we Nepalese are ranked 11th on earthquake risk, 4th on climate change scenario, 30th on risk of landslides and flood and 20th on multi hazard risk.

Further, he highlighted about the NDMA and also made aware about the fact that local government are the ones who are responsible to mitigate the risks of disasters. After, recognizing three masons for their efforts on reconstruction the mayor who was the chief guest of the event highlighted about the lessons the Gorkha earthquake gave us which our great grand parents couldn’t share to us. He also highlighted about the social needs of the local beneficiaries regarding the houses they have choose to build. With the closing remarks from the ward chairman the program ended and with the slogan of “Committed Governments at all levels to ensure Citizen’s Right to Safety from Disasters” 21st Earthquake safety day at Dolakha was celebrated.



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