Earthquake Safe Communities in Nepal

21st Earthquake Safety Day marked in Dhading

21st edition of Earthquake safety day officially marked at Dhading District to reaffirm national commitment to promoting earthquake safety in Nepal saving human lives and minimizing potential losses in future earthquakes. With the theme "Committed Governments at all levels to ensure Citizen’s Right to Safety from Disasters" the day was observed at Dhading District to form bold strategies for Earthquake Risk Management.

In commemoration of devastating earthquake of 1990 BS (1934 AD) an earthquake safety Rally was held in order to heighten the level of public awareness, perception and attitude towards earthquake risks as well as preparedness and to promote and encourage safer reconstruction.

The rally was led by likes of Chief District Officer Mr. Bhagirath Pandey, DCC Chief Mr. Jagan Nath Nepal and other high officials of government organizations. The partner organizations, general public and stakeholders were also in following the rally norms. The rally also saw participants from various Government Offices, Community Groups, Police Forces, Nepal Army, NGOs, INGOs, Volunteers, Businesses, and Local Community people.

The rally was commenced from Puchhar Bazzar, of Nilkantha Municipality, walking across Santa Bazzar, Bichbazzar, Siran Bazzar and finally gathered at District Coordination Committee Office for the National Earthquake Safety Day interaction and discussion meeting.

To mark the interaction and discussion meeting inside the District Coordination Committee Hall it started with National Anthem by all stakeholders and senior government officials. In following the national anthem one minute silence was held to pay tribute to those who lost their lives during the past earthquakes of 1934, 1988 and 2015 and many others.

The interactive and discussion meeting was chaired by Chief District Officer Mr. Bhagirath Pandey and was graced by Deputy Mayor Mr. Man Raj Bhandari, Member of District Coordination Committee Mr. Krishna Aryal, S.P. Dammar B.K. and Chairman of District Coordination Committee Jagan Nath Nepal as the chief guest and the special guest respectively. 

Addressing the interaction and discussion meeting organized at DCC hall in Dhading District, Deputy CDO Mr. Dholak Raj Dhakal welcomed all the participants participated in the rally and highlighted the essence of commemorating Magh 2 as Earthquake Safety Day. He also further added that disaster especially like earthquake cannot be forecasted and projected at times so that we must prepare ourselves by bringing effective program and policies related to early preparedness in order to mitigate human and structure loss from such disaster.

Addressing the same meeting and discussion, Mr. Manraj Bhandari, Deputy Mayor Nilkantha Municipality commended that it has already surpassed three years that the devastating earthquake occurred in Nepal thus to wipe out the effects and repercussion of earthquake we are working extensively in federal, provincial and local level. We are welcoming destruction in the name of development by constructing very weak structure which do not comply building code it is always said that prevention is better than cure so that we must be vigilant and tactful in protecting ourselves from big potential loss if such tremor occurs. He said.

District Coordination Committee Mr. Jagan Nath Nepal in his remarks underscored that strong society cannot be formed if the houses constructed are weak in nature. He further added that resilient society cannot be made single handedly unless and until there is collective effort from each and every individuals. Mr. Nepal also stressed on the need to pay yet hard efforts to successfully accomplish the task of current reconstruction in Nepal. At last but not the least Mr. Nepal appreciated NSET for their untiring efforts in the areas of their works that all counts for building resilience.

In the closing remarks delivered by Mr. Bhagirathi Pandey, “As disasters are equally severe to everyone, it is our accountability and responsibility and we all need to make a firm commitment towards disaster risk reduction,” he said. He further opined that majority of deaths during the earthquake is caused by weak structures which we have made rather than the earthquake itself. Thus, he urged the concerned government departments, stakeholders as well as local organizations to have firm commitment in the process of safer reconstruction. He also focused on building the communities safer to resist future earthquakes.

Besides, this various awareness raising programs was carried out across the district on Wednesday. Nepal marks ESD every year on 2nd of Magh (As per Nepali Calendar).


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