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Disaster education from Hyogo in Nepal: Closing ceremony held at Nuwakot

The Closing Ceremony for the program 'Disaster Education from Hyogo in Nepal,' was held in two series, in Nuwakot and Kathmandu. On 28th August 2018, the first series of the program, held in Nuwakot was organized by National Society for Earthquake Technology-Nepal (NSET) and Team Hyogo, Japan in coordination with Dupcheswor Rural Municipality, Samundrataar at Rukmani Higher Secondary School, Nuwakot.

The program was attended by 16 school teachers from 12 schools, one Resource Person, Dupcheswor Rural Municipality Chairperson, Vice Chairperson and Chief Administrative Officer. The interventions of this program are expected to make sustainable disaster risk reduction education system in Nepali schools. The program which began in August 2016 focused on eight schools of Nuwakot district in Dupcheswor and Tadi Rural Municipality which emphasized on disaster education and construction of a two class room semi-permanent school building at Tarkeshwor Rural Municipality. On the occasion, Mr. Yuvindra Singh Tamang, the Chairperson of Dupcheswor Rural Municipality remarked that it is very important to deliver the right message when it comes to disaster education. He added that this program has delivered a good message with the involvement of the local teachers. The teachers from the eight core schools shared their experiences on organizing disaster education in their respective schools and how they have been adapting various methods to make their classes more interesting and knowledgeable. Similarly, Mr. Seiji Suwa from Team Hyogo remarked that even though the event has been titled as closing ceremony, this is a new beginning in terms of the implementation of disaster education.

The teachers further expressed their commitment to continue the approach and process they learned from this program for disaster education in their respective schools as well as spread the message to other schools in the district in future.

Through this project, the eight schools of Nuwakot have been developed as leader schools to spread the concept of disaster education to other schools.


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