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Nepal hosting RISK2RESILIENCE (R2R) International Conference

Nepal is hosting RISK2RESILIENCE (R2R): An International Conference on Experience of Earthquake Risk Management, Preparedness and Reconstruction in Nepal from June 18-21, 2018 in Kathmandu, Nepal.

The Government of Nepal, Ministry of Home Affairs, Nepal (MoHA), National Reconstruction Authority (NRA), Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST), and National Society for Earthquake Technology-Nepal (NSET) in association with various agencies and partners are jointly organizing the Conference.


The conference is designed as a three-day event with a field trip to the reconstruction sites nearby Kathmandu Valley. The first day will be devoted to learning from the past in which important operators of earthquake risk management initiatives such as the government ministries, academia, private sector business, international development partners and UN system will deliberate on the works done so far, The second day, the conference will listen to exciting accounts of response to the Gorkha earthquake in terms of rescue and relief to early recovery, PDNA researches and development of approaches for reconstruction. A critical evaluation will help develop a consensus on the positive as well as negative learning which will pave the way ahead for developing elements of Nepal's approaches, broad contents, and emphasis in the program of earthquake disaster risk management for Nepal. Nepal seeks to develop programs and refine strategies for the next 12 years based upon the lessons learned and national needs to achieve DRM targets of SFDRR by 2030. We invite pertinent papers from experts and professionals from relevant fields.

The main Objectives of the R2R Conference are to:

» Critically look back at what we all collectively did for Earthquake Risk Reduction & Preparedness in Nepal in the past decades in the Light of 2015 Gorkha Earthquake sequence
» Critically examine the experience of Earthquake Reconstruction so far, and also
» Looking forward to helping set the Way Forward in the Long Journey of Disaster Risk Management in Nepal


In the past decades since the M6.6 Udaypur earthquake of 1988, Nepal has done a great stride in Earthquake Risk Management: there have been tremendous progress in policy formulation, for example development and implementation of the National Building Code, Academic researches and teaching in aspects of earthquake engineering, seismological researches including trenching of active faults and better understanding of the past earthquake events, and earthquakes risk management including earthquake awareness and education, in implementation of earthquake risk reduction initiatives such as the assistance to Municipalities in Building Code implementation, instrumentation and monitoring, and so on. Innovative methodologies and programs have been developed and implemented collectively. There is a visible process of the development of the national school of thought.

The approaches and successes of the past had been tested by the Gorkha Earthquake sequence of 2015, and Nepal has learned rich but expensive lessons. It is with this desire to learn collectively from the past, especially the efficiency of our approaches, and then to chart out a future strategy for earthquake risk management in the country, and also to celebrate the successes of the Gorkha Earthquake reconstruction and to critically evaluate the outcome of the approaches adopted, we are organizing this international conference RISK2RESILIENCE. This idea is to design an outline of a future strategy based upon the lessons learned so far in aspects of earthquake risk management in Nepal.

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Government of Nepal, Ministry of Home Affairs, Nepal (MoHA)
National Reconstruction Authority (NRA)
Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST)
National Society for Earthquake Technology-Nepal (NSET)

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