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Reconstruction progressing in Northern Dolakha, Learning and Sharing Workshop held in Singati stresses on Sustainable Reconstruction

Elected Representatives from Local Governments in Northern Dolakha and Officials from district offices have stressed on the need to sustainable reconstruction in the district. Speaking at a One-day Learning and Sharing Workshop on Reconstruction organized under USAID supported and NSET implemented Baliyo Ghar program, they highlighted for the collaborative efforts for institutionalizing safer and better reconstruction. Workshop was held in Singati, a market hub of Northern Dolakha on 12 May, 2018 in memory of the largest aftershock of Gorkha Earthquake tremored on May 12, 2015 with epicenter in Sunkhani in the same locality that worst hit Dolakha and nearby districts.

Mr. Dabal Pandey, Chief of District Coordination Committee, Dolakha urged to accelerate the discussion in correcting non-compliance houses. Mr. Pandey said, "we have seen many more houses that do not comply with the code and standard which should be corrected promptly. People are building single-room or two roomed houses not as per own need but with the only view to grab government grants, this trend should be stopped. We should suggest and guide them in building annexes according to the code."

Mr. Yudhistir Khadka, Chief of Bigu Rural Municipality, Dolakha shared that 10% of the Bigu Rural Municipality dwellers may not rebuild their houses because of economic condition or other. He requested the concerned to help such vulnerable families to mainstream in reconstruction works. He remarked, "continuous technical assistance from NSET/Baliyo Ghar program has supported a lot in rebuilding better and safer houses in different wards of Bigu Rural Muncipality and such technical support is necessary in coming days too".

Mr. Bin Kumar Thami, Chief of Kalinchowk Rural Municipality,believed that reconstruction is about to finish in northern Dolakha hence the priorities should be focused in rebuilding Temples, Gumbas, Historical Monuments and structures. Mr. Thami requested the concerned authorities to ease the grant receiving process.

Mr. NirmalDarsan Acharya, Chief of NRA, Dolakha claimed the recent restructuring of restructure NRA would somehow support in easing the reconstruction process.

Mr. Ek Raj Adhikari, Chief of MoUD, DLPIU Dolakha proposed to discuss widely to institutionalize the current reconstruction efforts for sustainable construction and efforts to retain trained masons. Mr. Adhikari appealed representatives at ward level to be responsible for implementation of the remaining reconstruction activities according to set criteria and standards.

Dr. Ramesh Guragain, Deputy Executive Director of NSET opined the process regarding retrofitting the non-compliance houses and non-damaged houses should be implemented as soon as possible. "We should encourage and help the beneficiaries to retrofit their houses if they do not comply with the code," Dr. Guragain remarked.

Ward Chiefs along with members of Bigu Rural Municipality discussed on issues of on-going efforts, challenges and way forward for sustainable reconstruction works in the workshop. Participants contributed for the widened discussion to materialize the roles of ward and rural municipality in applying building codes and standards.


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