Earthquake Safe Communities in Nepal

Orientation Program on Earthquake Safety for Deaf and People Hard of Hearing Held

An orientation Program on Earthquake Safety for Deaf and People Hard of Hearing was organized at NSET office on January 11th 2018. The program was jointly organized by NSET and National Association of Deaf & Hard of Hearing, Nepal (NADH). Nepal is marking 20th edition of Earthquake Safety Day (ESD) on January 16, 2018 with weeks-long program activities.

The program saw the participation of 25 participants (14 female, 11 male). All of whom were members of NADH and some of them are also working professionally in various sectors. Presentations on the 10 points for earthquake safety was done by NSET staff. The program also saw some of NSET staff as sign language interpreters as they have recently completed a six month long Basic Nepali Sign Language course at NSET office.

Welcoming the participants, Dr. Amod Mani Dixit stated, " This year we are marking 20th Earthquake Safety Day on Magh 2nd, commemorating the 1990 earthquake. Our objective at NSET is that all the knowledge and information we provide needs to reach to everyone in society regardless of their backgrounds. Everyone has the right to live and protect themselves in times of disasters. Dr. Dixit further stated that globally, technology is progressing rapidly to aid people with physical impairments. There is so much more that could be done and we need to adapt the technology for People with Disabilities in Nepal. Dr. Dixit expressed his gratitude to Ms. Laxmi Devkota for kindly teaching the staff at NSET.

Due to her support, 15 NSET staff are now trained in Basic Nepali Sign language.

Ms. Laxmi Devkota, Chairperson, NADH said, 'I believe in times of natural hazards such as earthquake, deaf people are more aware than people who can hear. She further added that we all need to work together in the future by taking forward the deaf and the hard of hearing. We need to learn various ideas that could be incorporated by the deaf and hard of hearing especially in times of hazards such as earthquake.

Mr. Kumar Regmi- Ex Chairperson, NADH stated that Sign language is the medium that can help the deaf and hard of hearing in accessing various facilities and to make them heard. 


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