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Nepal marking 20th Earthquake Safety Day

Nepal is marking 20th edition of Earthquake Safety Day (ESD) on January 16, 2018 with weeks-long program activities. Nepal marks Earthquake Safety Day (ESD) every year on 15 or 16 January (Magh 2 according to Nepalese Calendar) commemorating the Great Nepal-Bihar Earthquake of 1934 by organizing various activities nationwide. The main purpose of marking this Day has been to re-affirm national commitment to enhance Earthquake Resilience of Nepali communities and also share and review past experiences & strategize further.

The Meeting of ESD National Committee Chaired by Home Secretary Mr. Mohan Krishna Sapkota held on Jan 4, 2018 endorsed the Agenda for 20th Earthquake Safety Day National Meeting and Overall National Program Activities for 20th Earthquake Safety Day.

The Meeting decided following Slogan for 20th Earthquake Safety Day:

सबल समुदाय र स्थानीय सरकार
भूकम्पीय सुरक्षाको बलियो आधार

The Meeting also decided Kathmandu Metropolitan City to host National Meeting and Main Program of 20th Earthquake Safety Day on January 16, 2018 at Basantapur Durbar Square area (west of Juddha Statue, New Road) Kathmandu.

The Day will be marked in all 77 districts, Municipalities and many communities with various awareness and sharing events. Government of Nepal had decided in 1999 to observe this Day annually in commemoration of the most devastating 1934 Earthquake that worst hit Nepal-Bihar region on 2nd of Magh month in 1990 B.S. year.

The ESD is actually the culmination of earthquake risk management works implemented in the country in the preceding 12 months, and thus allows taking stock of the achievements and shortcomings. Raising awareness among people and authorities on impending earthquake risk and on ways to mitigating the risks is a key for reducing the risk.

ESD National Committee led by Ministry of Home Affairs (MOHA) is accompanied with representatives from various government and nongovernment agencies related to Disaster Risk Reduction, Emergency Response and Critical Facility Management. Two sub-committees are formed separately Chaired by DUDBC for Publicity campaigns and host Municipality for Management. The National Society for Earthquake Technology- Nepal (NSET) serves as the Member Secretary of the Earthquake Safety Day National Committee and both Sub-Committees.

As in the previous years, various events are planned to observe the ESD throughout Nepal as collaborative effort of various stakeholders under the leadership of Government of Nepal, Ministry of Home Affairs.

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