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Earthquake Safe Communities in Nepal

Image Scenario Workshop held for school teachers and students

Image Scenario workshop for School Students and teachers has been held on 11th August 2017 at Ghantaghar Community Hall, Bhainsepati. A total of 26 students and 9 teachers from eight schools across Lalitpur actively participated the program. The program was held with joint collaboration of Kyoto University, Japan, National Society for Earthquake Technology- Nepal, NSET, Center for Disaster Studies (CDS), Institute of Engineering. CDS Director Mr. Nagendra Sitaula began the program by highlighting that" Communities and Institute of Engineering should work together"

Dr. Amod Mani Dixit, Executive Director of NSET and Dr. Rajib Shaw from Keio University both emphasized that school is a great platform to network and work together during disasters and it is important to establish a linkage between the schools and community.

The workshop intended to collect learnings from teachers and students after the Gorkha earthquake 2015. The program was divided into two parts. The first half presented the teachers with a scenario and nine teachers were divided into four groups. Each group had to share their learnings and were presented with 4 different scenarios which were:

- How did you feel until three days after the earthquake?
- How did you feel from the 4th day to one month after the earthquake?
- How did you feel from the second month to the sixth month after the earthquake?
- How did you feel from the seventh month to one year after the earthquake?

The teachers wrote down their experiences and later presented it to the wider group. Similarly, during the second half of the workshop, the students were also asked the same questions in different groups. The  students were also given an option to express their feelings by either writing or drawing.



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