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Earthquake Safe Communities in Nepal

Model Classes and Teachers Seminar on Disaster Education held in Nuwakot district

A consortium between Team Nepal led by National Society for Earthquake Technology Nepal and Team Hyogo led by Sakura-Net has been working with eight schools of Nuwakot as leader schools to spread the concept of disaster education to other schools. The project is titled 'Disaster Education from Hyogo in Nepal' The major objective of the project is to support schools of Nuwakot to enhance capacity on disaster preparedness and response planning through promoting sustainable disaster risk reduction/ management education. As part of the project, various activities were held in Nuwakot district.

Activity 1: Model classes

Team Hyogo in coordination with NSET provided model classes in disaster education in two schools of Nuwakot, - Dupcheswor Secondary School and Kaukeshwori Secondary School, both located at Dupcheswor Village Council. A total of 83 students (44 female students, 39 male students) were orientated in disaster education and were involved in various group work activities enhancing their knowledge of disaster risk reduction.

Activity 2:

Similarly, the teachers of Dupcheswor Secondary School and Bachhala Devi Secondary School conducted disaster education classes for the students of classes 8 and 9 focusing on earthquakes and landslides. As Nuwakot district is prone to landslides during monsoon, the teachers felt the relevancy of teaching their students more about the disaster. A total of 75 students (38 male students, 37 female students) learnt about landslide, its mechanism, preparedness and response.

Activity 3: Teachers' Seminar

A teacher's Seminar was held on 17th June 2017 at Rukmani Higher Secondary School, Samundrataar. A total of 16 participants attended the program which included 13 male teachers, 3 female teachers including one Resource Person from the participating eight schools. The seminar was focused on Disaster education, knowledge about hazards, disaster preparedness and response planning. The teachers made presentations on the implementation of disaster education at their schools.


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