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Earthquake Safe Communities in Nepal

NSET marks 24 Years Completion of its Mission

National Society for Earthquake Technology–Nepal (NSET) has marked its 24th Anniversary on June 18, 2017. On the occasion, NSET organized various programs including Main Day Ceremony with Cultural events, Blood Donation, Literary Program and series of In-house Sharing and Learning events.

NSET, which was established in 1993 with its mission to enhance seismic safety of Nepal and the beyond, observes the day every year as 'A Day to Reaffirm the Commitments to Earthquake Safety". NSET has now completed 24 years and entered into 25th years of its mission. NSET is going to mark the year 2017-2018 as Silver Jubilee Year.

Addressing the Main Ceremony organized at NSET Headquarters in Bhainsepati, Lalitpur, NSET President Mr. Varun P. Shrestha welcomed all the guests and highlighted the NSET endeavors to help build community resilience. Mr. Shrestha appreciated NSET staff for their untiring efforts in the areas of their works that all counts for building resilience.

NSET General Secretary and Executive Director Dr. Amod Mani Dixit in his remarks underscored the various activities performed by NSET during the last 26 months period after the Gorkha Earthquake 2015. NSET, under the guidance of Nepal Government, is providing technical assistance at community level to ensure safer reconstruction in 4 Municipalities and more than 34 VDCs in Dolakha, Dhading, Nuwakot and Kathmandu districts. Dr. Dixit also briefed about various activities conducted by NSET in past 24 years.

Wishing NSET for the achievements, Mr. Madan Sundar Shrestha, newly elected Mayor of Madhyapur Thimi Municipaliy recalled the joint effort of the Municipality with NSET back in 2004 on Pilot Works on Environmental Mapping and wished to have more concrete ground to work together in the days ahead.

Ms. Gita Satyal, newly elected Deputy Mayor of Lalitpur Metropolitan City, which for the first time had started implementing Building Codes among Nepali Municipalities and has got successful experience expressed willingness to work together with NSET in enhancing earthquake safety in construction practices in the areas.

Addressing the Ceremony, Executive Member of NRA Dr. Chandra Bahadur Shrestha commended NSET’s contribution in providing supports on technical guidelines as well as policy formulations for Post Earthquake Reconstruction that Nepal. Dr. Shrestha stressed on the need to pay yet more hard efforts to successfully accomplish the task of huge reconstruction in Nepal.

Joint Secretary Mr. Shambhu KC from Ministry for Urban Development (MoUD) highlighted the joint works of the Ministry and its Department with NSET in effective implementation of Building Codes in local governments.

Also, among from the guests, Prof. Dr. Gokarna Motra from Institute of Engineering, TU stressed on need of enhancing collaborations with Academia for tackling Disaster Risks. Mr. Shiva Gopal Thapa, President of Sainbu Consumer Group highlighted NSET supports to local communities before, during and after Gorkha Earthquake 2015.

More than 500 people from various arenas of Disaster Risk Reduction including invitees from Government Offices, recently elected Local Governments, Security Forces, Diplomatic Missions, Bilateral/Multilateral Agencies, Donors/Partners, I\NGOs, CBOs, Professional Societies, Private Sector, Media, Local Communities and various DRR stakeholders as well as more than 250 NSET Staff and Members joined the ceremony.

The formal program had started with the National Anthem recited by NSET Troupe and joined in by all present. During the program, NSET President Mr. Shrestha together with 9 more distinguished persons representing different sectors jointly unveiled 'Safer Society 2017', the annual report of NSET.

To conclude Main Ceremony, NSET Management Committee Member Mr. Manohar RajBhandari thanked all the guests and partners for all their encouragements, guidances and supports to NSET.

After the formal program, NSET staff presented cultural programs that included the musical performances on national anthem, an earthquake song, national songs, dances and various performances.

Earlier on same day, NSET conducted In-house Literary Program “Spandan nai Spandan (that means Reverberations & Reverberations)” where NSET staff participated and presented their literary creations. Technology of "Voting Pad" used to select best creations for "People's Choice Award". The Award winners are: Mr. Krishna Moktan, Ms. Nabina Dulal, Mr Arjun Ghimire, Mr. Manoj Sharma Chapagain and Chiranjiivi Bhusal. NSET President and General Secretary jointly conferred the Awards.

As part of NSET’s 24th Anniversary, NSET in partnership with Rotary Club and Community Users' Group of Sainbu and in association with Nepal Red Cross organized "Blood Donation Program" where a total of 76 voluntary donors from NSET and local community participated.


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