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Shake Table Demonstration on brick masonry building held in Nuwakot

Seeing is believing. Modelling and demonstration of any concept helps idea transfer more accurately. Such practice deepens the understanding whether be it too simple or too complex. With the view to demonstrate how different buildings behave in ground shaking, an event of Shake Table Demonstration on brick masonry buildings held at Bidur city area of Nuwakot district. Two models of brick and mud, one built considering earthquake-resistant techniques (concrete bands, stitches) and another without considering those ideas were set up on a table and a series of simulated earthquake shocks given.

Nuwakot is one of the most-hit districts by Gorkha Earthquake 2015 where there was massive destruction in stone masony houses. Now the reconstruction is progressing though slow in pace. Shake Table Demonstration was intended to serve with safer construction ideas to build stone masonry houses. The Demonstration was hence exhibited targeting the community people to convince them about the feasibility of earthquake resistant construction and demonstrate how different earthquake-resistant elements can help buildings withstand the shocks of earthquakes. Demonstration held on Feb 4, 2017 as an event of 19th Earthquake Safety Day that Nepal marked nationwide.

The shake table demonstration was jointly organized DUDBC Nuwakot and NSET-BaliyoGhar program with the funding support from USAID. More than 300 community peoples observed the demonstration organized at the premises of Adarsha Multiple Campus, Battar Nuwakot.

On the occasion, Mr. Kishor Biswokarma, Administrative Officer of District Administrative Office Nuwakot, CDE of DUDBC Nuwakot Mr. Bidur Khadka, Acting Chief of Secretariat of District Coordination Committee, NRA Nuwakot Mr. Bed Prasad Gaudel expressed their gratitude and urged the dwellers of Nuwakot to build earthquake resistant buildings. Executive Director of NSET, Dr. Amod Mani Dixit highlighted the basic concept and importance of demonstration and encouraged the participants to be the part of Build Back Better campaign. The earthquake safety song inspiring to build earthquake resistant building, sung by Mr. Gaudel added a value on the very occasion.

District Coordinator for NSET-BaliyoGhar Er. Aayush Banskota led the briefing of shake table demonstration. Artificial earthquake shocks given to the models with increased magnitudes in different time slots. Some cracks were seen during 3rd shock on the model been constructed without earthquake resistant components, whereas no damage was seen on second model i.e. model constructed with earthquake resistant components. The first house was completely damaged by the 6th shock but still there was no sign of cracks on the second model. At the end manual shake was given for 30 seconds on both models, which resulted into complete destruction of the first model where second model stood strong.

Dr. Ramesh Guragain, Deputy Executive Director of NSET addressed queries of the local people after the demonstration.


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