Earthquake Safe Communities in Nepal

First Shake table program organized at Dhading District

As a part of earthquake safety awareness campaign first shake table demonstration has been organized in the midst of Covered hall Nilkantha-3 Dhading. Approximately 600 participants made their presence where general public outnumbered school students.

The program was chaired by CDO Umesh Kumar Dhakal and was graced by DUDBC Division Chief Mr. Dilip Bhandari and other high officials of government and non-government organizations as special guest respectively.

In an inaugural speech given by CDO Umesh Kumar Dhakal he delivered remarks about significance of earthquake resistant house and he appealed general public to observe disparity between earthquake resistant and normal practice house and to learn lesson from it.

The participants of the program were briefed of the structure of the rigorous models, construction practice adhered at those models, and the provisions and requirements reflected by earthquake resistant and nonresistant houses.

The only difference between the two models was one was accustomed with earthquake resistant elements like vertical reinforcement bars, corner stitches and sill lintel bands   whereas the other model built with unremarkable construction practice. The two identical constructed models were placed in a table together where artificial shaking created. It was then observed in a sequential order how building models behave in different ways when same level of shaking is provided to them. After three shaking in a row real repercussion made by simulated vibration was seen in a flaunting way. The consequence was the model which lacked earthquake resistant component was turned down into rubble whereas the other model which fulfilled earthquake resistant yardstick was standing erect. Then the public and school students were made clear behind the reason of model failure and model withstand.

The event of shake table, held at Nilkantha was to spread message about significance of earthquake resistant houses among general public. The Shake Table demonstration was carried in the joint venture of Government of Nepal, Department of Urban Development and Building Construction (DUDBC), NSET and core funding of USAID.


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