Earthquake Safe Communities in Nepal

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Nepal observed 22nd Earthquake Safety Day, Home Minister stressed on building disaster resilient infrastructures and buildings

Home Minister Mr. Ram Bahadur Thapa ‘Badal’ has believed that construction of buildings and infrastructure that are resilient to earthquakes would be a best way out for reducing the impact of impending earthquakes as county is at high risk of such disaster.

Addressing the National Meeting of 22nd Earthquake Safety Day (ESD) held in Bhaktapur, Minister Thapa urged general people and concerned stakeholders to support in building resilient community campaign.

"This year’s ESD slogan 'Resilient...


NSET's efforts towards responding to Gorkha Earthquake 2015


» Information Gathering/Dissemination and Media Coordination

» Development of Situation Maps

» Damage Assessments of Critical Facilities


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Earthquake Safety Rallies from various locations of Bhaktapur convert into National Meeting

With the view to elevate the level of public awareness, perception, and attitude towards earthquake risks as well as preparedness and to promote... Detail Detail

Earthquake Memorial Ceremony held in Lalitpur

As part of 22nd Earthquake Safety Day (ESD), a brief Earthquake Memorial Ceremony was held at Patan Durbar Square, Mangal Bazaar, Lalitpur, on... Detail Detail

Earthquake Memorial Meeting held in Historical EQ Monument of Bhugol Park

As a key event of 22nd Earthquake Safety Day (ESD), Earthquake Memorial Meeting has been held in historical Earthquake Monument standing at Bhugol... Detail Detail

GNDR National Coordination Workshop Conducted in Nepal

A one-day “GNDR National Coordination Workshop’ has been jointly organized in Kathmandu by Global Network of Civil Society... Detail Detail

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Program for Enhancement of Emergency Response

Baliyo Ghar

Baliyo Ghar


Technical Support for Building Code Implementation in Nepal


Nepal Safer Schools Projects

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