Earthquake Safe Communities in Nepal by 2020

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National Earthquake Safety Day National Meeting

Honorable Home Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Bamdev Gautam who leads the 17th Earthquake Safety Day Main Committee inaugurated the 17th National Earthquake Safety Day National Meeting by freeing the colorful balloons into the sky amidst a huge public gathering at Kirtipur Football Ground today.

Addressing the meeting, Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Gautam emphasized that Nepal stands as one of the most earthquake vulnerable countries in the world hence the immediate urgency of reducing risks and also enhance...


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17th ESD Earthquake Safety Exhibition

Honorable Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Mr. Bamdev Gautam inaugurated the Earthquake Safety Exhibition which targets to disseminate and demonstrate various techniques of... Detail 

17th ESD Earthquake Safety Rally

To elevate the level of public awareness, perception and attitude towards earthquake risks as well as to poke deeper into their conscience to do the needful preparedness and safety activities... Detail 

Earthquake Memorial Meeting

On the 17th Earthquake Safety Day 2015, a national public commemoration majorly initiated by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA) and Kathmandu Metropolitan City, was held beside the historical... Detail 

National Symposium discourses on “Experiences...

As a regular event prior to the main day activities of the Earthquake Safety Day, National Symposium on “Experience on Earthquake Risk Reduction and Response" was held at Hotel Himalaya,... Detail 

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Major Program


Program for Enhancement of Emergency Response


Nepal Earthquake Risk Management Program Stage II


Promoting Public Private Partnership for Earthquake Risk Management


Building Code Implementation Program in Nepal (BCIPN)

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