Earthquake Safe Communities in Nepal by 2020

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Light Search & Rescue ( LSAR) and BEMR trainings to Media Personnel

'Promoting Public Private Partnership for Earthquake Risk Management in Nepal (3PERM)'  program being implemented by NSET with the auspices of USAID/OFDA  has been able to sensitize Media personnel on earthquake risk of the country and need for better preparedness.

NSET has conducted specific training courses such as Light Search and Rescue (LSAR) and Basic Emergency Medical Response ( BEMR) for Media personnel from 18th November to 19th November 19, 2014. These specific earthquake response trainings are designed for the...


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AFL Nepal: consultative meetings held

Community level consultative meetings held on Nov 14-15, 2014 with community people separately at Chakrabahil, Prayagpokhari, Hakha and Tangal locations of Lalitpur-12. Community people and... Detail 

‪‎Nepali Hams in Hamfest‬ 2014

Nepali Amateur Radio operators, the Hams participated in Hamfest 2014 in Hyderabad got involved to explore and learn from Indian experience the ways how hams could be best utilized for disaster... Detail 

Lions Disaster Preparedness Program in...

On Friday, 7th Nov 2014, The International Association of Lions Clubs, Nepal organized a "Lions Disaster Preparedness Program in technical cooperation with National Society for Earthquake... Detail 

HAN-Dolakha Chapter to enhance disaster...

The Hotel Industry in Nepal shares a major stake of national economy and is considered to have the highest local private sector investment in Nepal with the recorded investment of around Rs. 100... Detail 

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Major Program


Program for Enhancement of Emergency Response


Nepal Earthquake Risk Management Program Stage II


Promoting Public Private Partnership for Earthquake Risk Management


Building Code Implementation Program in Nepal (BCIPN)

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