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NSET clarifies the Confusion and Misunderstanding created by a recent News; NSET's Commitment on Financial Integrity Unwavering

A news come across the media related to sanction by an international organization on NSET and three of its officials and debarment for four years from bidding for the organization contracts by placing organization in the ineligible list. In this regard, NSET has issued a press statement in order to reassure our well-wishers and to dispel the confusion generated by the news published in media. The press note contains following statements:

1. As a technical organization specializing in aspects of earthquake risk management, NSET has been providing technical, management, planning and scoping advices to different organizations and individuals.

2. The above mentioned news pertains to an incident related to a call for a project some five years ago in 2012 by an international organization operating in Nepal, in which NSET also participated. The international organization considered one of the steps in submission of NSET's proposal as a procedural mistake, and, as a result, some four months ago enlisted NSET and its three senior officials in the ineligibility list of the organization debarring from any bidding to the organization for a period of four years.

3. Although NSET participated in the bidding process, NSET did not get the award, and NSET did not get any pecuniary benefit. In this process, no financial irregularity was committed and no financial harm was done to any institution.

4. NSET is saddened by the confusion and concerns of our friends that might have emerged because of the news that may tarnish the image and work of NSET.

5. Recognizing the high seismic risk of Nepal and the need to reduce it, NSET has been working successfully as a not-for-profit, non-government organization following prevailing rules and regulations of Nepal, and in close collaboration and partnership with like-minded organizations, in areas of earthquake awareness, technology adaptation and capacity enhancement for earthquake risk reduction. NSET has been able to participate and contribute to a wider spectrum of earthquake risk reduction and even to the wider agenda of disaster risk management concepts, programs, and initiatives at local community, district, and national levels in the country. Additionally, NSET has been able to provide expert services in disaster risk management and preparedness at regional and international levels which include the works in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Philippines, Indonesia and many other countries.

6. NSET trusts in “vincit omnia veritas” or its oriental version “Satyameva Jayate”, and unwaveringly subscribes to and practices humane values, professional integrity, good practices of international organizations, professional ethics, transparent financial and management policies, and respects the rule of law while implementing earthquake risk management works. Should any individual or organization have any question or concern on NSET’s practices, NSET would be more than happy to provide explanation or subject ourselves to any investigation.

7. We, therefore, appeal to all friends and supporters, officials and international professionals, to all who are working dedicatedly to the task of disaster risk management in Nepal and beyond, and who objectively look at the works critically and objectively, to continue the trust and scrutiny, which we have always received in the past and expect to receive in the future too. We are committed to what we have collectively agreed to do, we have many more miles to go together, and we should not get deviated with such acts of distraction.

Amod Mani Dixit
General Secretary and Executive Director
National Society for Earthquake Technology – Nepal (NSET)
March 1, 2017, Lalitpur, Nepal

Press Statement

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